01/16/15 12:37 AM

#225955 RE: retiredMM #225953

Thanks Rmm for the insight. I am always watching your plays and your reasoning behind them. It helps when you have a bunch of smart and seasoned traders around you.


01/16/15 8:18 AM

#225997 RE: retiredMM #225953

wow mm!! great post bud!! u ROCK!!


01/16/15 8:24 AM

#225999 RE: retiredMM #225953

RMM great post and thanks for the kind words. And your too modest about yourself.. :) Rocking and rolling lets hope 2015 keeps going like it has these first two weeks!


09/11/15 5:45 PM

#265849 RE: retiredMM #225953

One week in & loving it! OM