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Thursday, 01/15/2015 11:21:43 PM

Thursday, January 15, 2015 11:21:43 PM

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Why OM Chatroom is THE BEST for Options Traders
(and why you should join)

First, my disclaimer....
I have no equity affiliation with the site. I have no financial stake in the site.
I am what is called a moderator (I guess) but other than that... no affiliation.

Now, why is OM chat the best? THE PEOPLE!!
I don't need to tell you about JB. His trades speak for themselves.
He is a bigtime Home Run hitter who may strike out some but those Grand Slams he gets on a fairly constant basis make you forget about those K's! One of his hits will cover 3 months of losses.

If swinging for the fences is not your style you might want to check out UPB (or Beanz as I like to call him). His understanding of the macro environment and his ability to trade based on that is a real gift. He is pretty consistent and he garners gains regularly.

Do you like market and world insight? Then you gotta listen to "Old Man" Mikey. His many years of trading and moderating rooms makes his views on trading insightful (and delightful!). He has seen it all (at least a couple of times!) and his experience with different facets of the market will help you get a better understanding of what's going on. He is a frequent speaker (wired for sound) and is always willing to impart his wisdom and help the newbies as well as the seasoned Vets.

Straight Put/Call plays starting to bore you? Interested in learning advanced option trading strategies like Spreads? Whether it be Vertical Spreads, Calendar Spreads, Credit Spreads or fancy Iron Condors, 2 by 1 Spreads, etc then Lee is your man. Nobody knows them better and he will show you ways to make money/maximize your plays like you never dreamed of. He will show you how to take ALL of your money off the table and still make big bucks. He is also a very experienced trader with an astute eye on stocks. He has an uncanny ability to pick reversals and he is always willing to share his knowledge as well. He also is a frequent speaker.

RetiredMM (ME!) Well, most of you know me or of me. What I bring to the table is 20 years of being a professional trader (NASD Market Maker) and I've traded another 13 years for my own account. I have been trading Options exclusively for probably 5 years. I do INVEST in stocks, but I TRADE Options. It is a huge difference and when you understand that it will be your first lesson in becoming a real trader. I am a contrarian that trades levels and I trade on "Feel". I create plans on what I think the market in general will do (macro) and I do the same with individual stocks/etf's (micro). I share my game plan with the room, i will telegraph my plays and then I will post them as soon as practicable. I will always give you my thesis on why I will do/or have done a trade. If you agree, join the party. If you think i'm off base, ignore me, or even better, go the other way! I've got no problem with that. Some of my best plays were made when someone suggested a trade and I did my due diligence and I saw the opposite and played the other side. If you disagree with me you can tell me so and I'll listen why.

The room players.... there are a ton of players from a high school phenom who has been on CNBC to hedge fund veterans. The ideas that are constantly thrown out there are amazing. Great discussions, some debates, but everyone gets along pretty well. We all want everyone to succeed.

You should take the plunge and give it a try. It will certainly be worth your time whether you decide to stay or even if it isn't right for you. At least you will get a feel of what goes on.