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06/04/14 9:47 PM

#69423 RE: janice shell #69422

wait...does this say "Audited" even though it's just quarterly information and there is no audit report?


06/04/14 9:57 PM

#69427 RE: janice shell #69422

Um, "audited"? And it is clearly not a mistake on just 1 page - not only is the cover page stamped "audited" but each of the statements is also marked "audited". The statements are full of items without entries - it makes me wonder if they copied some other company's statements and just fit in their own numbers.

I don't think they know the meaning of the word "audited".

The Company is in Washington State, but yet they have no only 1, but 2 "legal counsel", with one in Montana and one in Texas, and an "Accountant or Auditor" in Florida. Red flag right there. And the President/CEO is also the "Investor Relations Consultant"? I don't think they understand the meaning of the word "consultant", either.


06/04/14 10:00 PM

#69430 RE: janice shell #69422

I just posted over there....that is amazing. I haven't followed BCCI in awhile...but that takes balls on so many different levels.

How often do you see a penny pink stamp "AUDITED" in big black letters on a quarterly report no less...that clearly have not been?

Ya I know...probably more than I think....but still.

Even some of the longs on that board are in a bit of a panic.