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Saturday, 08/27/2011 7:58:47 PM

Saturday, August 27, 2011 7:58:47 PM

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9-11 Plot—‘Made in Israel’

By Michael Langston
from AMERICAN FREE e-mail

If it’s 9-11 truth you seek, look no further than Victor Thorn’s latest book on the subject, Made in Israel: 9-11 and the Jewish Plot Against America.

What this book makes clear, and what many 9-11 “truthers” don’t know, is that a massive deception and cover-up exists not only in the mainstream media, but in the so-called 9-11 truth movement as well.

It is true that 9-11 was an “inside” job, and criminal elements within the U.S. government were undoubtedly involved, as is so often stated by many authors and activists. But 9-11 was much more. It was an “outside” job also, ultimately made in Israel, as a mountain of evidence compiled in this new, landmark book clearly shows.

For example, whereas other authors and activists have repeatedly pointed out that Marvin Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush, was on the board of directors of a company responsible for security at the World
Trade Center, Thorn specifically names the Jewish-owned security firms involved, discusses them in detail, and most importantly, points out who actually owned—and therefore controlled—them. It certainly wasn’t Bush.

While other 9-11 researchers and authors might lead you on a wild goose chase and have you barking up the wrong tree at the Bush administration and the U.S. government, this book sets the record straight by focusing on the actual perpetrators and puppet masters.

Jewish control of World Trade Center security and Jewish ownership of the WTC complex is only one tiny piece of the 9-11 puzzle that Thorn meticulously pieces together. The degree of Jewish-Zionist influence over many aspects of American society documented in this book is mind-boggling.

As former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon knowingly proclaimed, “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

A cover-up of this magnitude on 9-11 could only have been carried out by a group of ruthless individuals who will stop at nothing to protect their vital interests, who will disregard and cross any moral boundary, and who possess control over America and the minds of most Americans through their control of the media.

Only Israel and its Zionist supporters could have accomplished such a feat. No other group had this kind of power or the motive to perpetrate a crime so horrendous and dastardly.

Only one nation and group of people benefited most from the attacks on 9-11: Israel and the Zionist Jews. Every other nation and group suffered, most especially those who were wrongly blamed for the attack. America suffered, Iraq suffered, Afghanistan suffered and Arab Muslims suffered. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so arrogantly boasted before an audience at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, “We are be nefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the twin towers and Pentagon.”

There you have it: The prime minister of Israel publicly admitted that the Israelis benefited from the 9-11 attacks. As any criminologist will tell you, the most likely suspect in any crime is the person or entity that benefited from the crime.

Considering the fact that the rogue state of Israel has a prior criminal record of perpetrating just such a crime—the June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty—the verdict in this case is clear and unmistakable: 9-11 was made in Israel.

Victor Thorn's latest book, Made in Israel: 9-11 and the Jewish Plot Against America, is available now from AMERICAN FREE PRESS for $15 plus $3 S&H. (Less if you buy multiple copies.) Call 1-888-699-6397 toll free to charge. ORDER ONLINE HERE.
by toddao

most of Israel belongs to the Vatican. the leaders are CFR a Jesuit creation. all roads lead to Rome for this crusade. remember Bush saying crusade at the beginning? that was a huge clue. the first crusade was the Knights and the Muslims!
there have been many since then .. we have the torture just like the Inquisitions! think of the Vatican as a geopolitical organization not a religion. they at the top believe they have to rule again.. old world order just change its name to the New world order, they always play the opposite!
...just like they say the war on terror.. its a war of terror, the war on poverty, they love poverty as the people will beg from them to deliver them, . also the war on drugs.. which a war of drugs... drugging the population and making money on it to dumb down the populations.. to control!!!
propaganda machine=propagation of faith of the Vatican.
Its not the Hebrews, this war have been ongoing before you and I were born..
by easymoney101' on '9/11 REVISITED'

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