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Thursday, December 20, 2007 3:08:13 AM

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Thank you for your excellent and informative posts.

I've lost enough money on speculative "special situation" stocks that one would think a person would learn to temper his exuberance on finding one that looks promising.

They say that one shouldn't "get married" to an equity but it is actually much like that. At first it's all sweetness and light, but, then, after the commitment, the previously unnoticed flaws start to surface, suddenly one finds one's self underwater facing the difficult decision of whether to suffer an expensive loss to get out or keep trying to stick it out. <g>

re: "Also, Pioneer reported problems on the quality of gas, and that the collection platform was rejecting their gas."

One benefit of researching "oppurtunities" is expanding one's knowledge of an industry. Now I need to learn what can go wrong with natural gas. I think that I have heard that water and liquids can be present -- would seem to be correctable by adding in filter equipment? Some outfits actually sell the (hydrocarbon) liquids. How bad could it be?

I recall reading that midway is, what 26,000ft. That is a pretty deep well. I think that is near the limit of conventional drilling. I wonder if that could have something to do with it.

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