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Mesa Offshore Trust (MOSH.OB)

Shares Outstanding: 71.98M
Float: 64.65M

MOSH unit holders (Plaintiffs) are seeking $1.2 BILLION in damages from JPMorgan Chase, Woodside Energy ($30B market cap) and PXD ($6B market cap). With 72M O/S, this would be about $15.00+ per share/unit for MOSH shareholders. MOSH is a trust, so any settlement or lawsuit judgements would be distributed to share/unit holders after expenses.


Webiste with info on MOSH's case against PXD and Woodside Energy:

Harris County District Court Clerk Site, Case #200601984:

Court Clerk's Phone Number: 713-368-6500

Filings/News Releases Showing the Potential Value of Brazos:,B&C.pdf's%20strategy.pdf


Court of Appeals - PXD Mandamus Petition, PXD Amended Mandamus Petition, MOSH's Response, Woodsides Amicus Curiae:



Supreme Court of Texas - PXD's Mandamus Petition & Emergency Stay Motion, MOSH's response to Petition & Stay Motion: 

HOW TO ACCESS The Lawsuit Documents:

Open this site
Click e-clerk home page,
Click "new user", scroll down and click "proceed with registration",
Fill in required fields,
Click "submit", the screen should now say in red "you have been successful registered and your temporary password will be emailed to you", after you get your emailed password in about 45 minutes,
and re-log in with your email address as the User ID and the new emailed temporary password,
Change password to a new permanent one and click "save",
Click "here", Click "search documents", enter case number 200601984 and it will bring up all files,
Click on blue highlight of a file to open and read the filing. The ones at the bottom are the files that were transferred from Austin.

Link To MOSH SEC Filings:


Mesa Offshore Trust operates as a trust company in the United States. Its principal assets consist of a 99.99% interest in the Mesa Offshore Royalty Partnership, which holds a net overriding royalty interest in 10 producing and nonproducing oil and gas oil and gas leases offshore Louisiana and Texas. The trust is entitled to its share of 90% of the net proceeds, realized from the sale of the hydrocarbons produced from the properties. Mesa Offshore Trust was founded in 1982 and is based in Austin, Texas.

****Please do your own DD. All of the above information represents only what we have been able to dig up from various court filings, SEC filings, and even message boards. Please look into this very complicated situation/play and come to your own conclusions. The Moderators on this board are in no way associated with any of the parties involved in this lawsuit. Thanks.****

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