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Monday, 07/25/2022 11:13:53 PM

Monday, July 25, 2022 11:13:53 PM

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For those not familiar with CEO Seth Shaw's history of crushing his company's investors, here are a few revealing facts:

1. Seth Shaw was took the positions of Director and CEO on August 22, 2012. On that day he received a signing bonus of 1.5 million shares valued at the then market price of .20 per share, thus the signing bonus totaled $300,000.

2. When Shaw took the throne there were approximately 170,000,000 outstanding shares.

3. Initially CEO Seth Shaw was to receive a salary of $11,000 per month, but instead chose to forego the monthly cash payment in favor of receiving 60,000 Company shares per month. The following statement was included in Shaw's Compensation Agreement:

This decision has been taken by Executive to both show confidence in Company’s future and to conserve cash // reduce monthly burn rate.

4. A mere 3 months later in November 2012, the "confident" CEO became less certain of TAUG's future, when making the decision to not only take the 60,000 shares per month, but also grab the $11,000 in monthly cash.

On August 22, 2012, the new chief executive officer agreed to forego the cash compensation payable monthly and instead receive 60,000 shares of the Company’s common stock. On November 30, 2012, the chief executive officer’s employment contract was amended to reinstate the cash compensation and still continue to receive the 60,000 shares of the Company’s common stock on a monthly basis

Isn't it great to witness a CEO, who is truly a fiduciary for his Company's investors! LOL!

5. In 2018 TAUG's less than independent Board of Directors approved a 1 for 75 reverse stock split.

6. Adjusting for the 2018 RS, the 170,000,000 outstanding shares of August 2012 have blown up to the equivalent of nearly 25 BILLION SHARES and the shares that were worth 20 cents in August 2012 are now worth .00011 PER SHARE, i.e. more than a 99% DROP IN VALUE! TAUG is one instance where dollar/cost averaging is nonsense and an investment killer!

The TAUG shareholders have been slammed for 10 years and CEO Seth Shaw has never missed banking his monthly paycheck! How much has Shaw bankied on the backs of the TAUG investors?