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PNNX**Why it's Like Giving Users Free Money...

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PNNX**Why it's Like Giving Users Free Money...

PNNX through its wholly owned subsidiary, Your Social Offers (YSO), is offering a ”Rewards Program” that is second to none in my opinion as it is like giving their users free money on a regular basis for doing very minimal. Again…

It's like giving users free money.

Imagine going into one of their stores to scan a QR Code to join their Loyalty Rewards Program. You can also go into one of their participating restaurants, stores, or any retail venue that is part of their program.

Now all you have to do is simply share your experience or provide feedback by posting on any of your own social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. of that particular restaurant, store, or retail place that provides a service.

Example: From the Subway location that is part of the program... simply post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... "My sandwich was good."

You will then be paid by the number of users you have within your social media platform in the form of cash, coupon, discount, or free product. This is like potentially giving you money in a few ways. From my understanding, the transaction of the number of users you sent out the feedback will be recorded. The user will be paid by Subway an amount per user sent and PNNX will be paid by Subway an amount for helping to market Subway. To add, the scanned QR Code will allow that individual to have in its database on its phone, any and all coupons that exists that relates to Subway to automatically give them a discount whenever they go to Subway. This would also be the case for any of the other participating restaurants, stores, or any retail venue that is part of their program.

It’s a triple gain because of the money you get for sending the feedback out to your users and because the coupons, discounts, and free products you will receive will be keeping more money in your pocket.

If you have 100 followers, you will be paid based on your 100 followers. If you have 10,000 followers, you will be paid much more based on your 10,000 followers accordingly. Important to note: You will also be paid as your followers use the program after you have sent the feedback to them.

Once again, the beauty about this is that as your followers are now made aware of this, you will get paid every time your followers share their feedback of a particular restaurant, store, or retail venue just the same... and so on... and so on... and so on. This is what will create a form of Residual Income for a person just by simply becoming a user for free. This will ceate exponential ”financial” growth for the individual user and the company. My question would be… Who in the world would not become a member of their program for free if you have any kind of social media account?

The more people that uses the company's platform, the more revenues to be generated for PNNX and for the individual user.

Just think, all of this is for free just by having them scan a QR Code to put on your phone to join their Loyalty Rewards Program that will be with you everywhere you take your phone. To add, you will have an electronic coupon database all within your phone too.

Instead of going into one of their stores, I think they are fixing things to where you can sign up through their website too.

Also, certain restaurants will also have this customer feedback program to where you simply share your experience and then get paid.

Keep in mind, this is only one of quite a few products that are coming from PNNX of which we all should be expecting to see.

They have one store location open already and are opening up 15 store locations over the next 2 weeks.

Important to Note for PNNX

The above as I had explained will create a form of Residual Income for PNNX to be considered ”recurring” revenues on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis.

Another significant form of revenues will be the $6.00 per month per card that each person will pay for their pre-paid debit card that they PR-ed a little while back when they did their debit card agreement deal with Vista Money to bring them on board to create their new, disruptive technology that allows “Your Social Offers” to integrate their system with real money rewards. This is how users are going to get paid their cash for being a free member as I had explained above. Per the PR…

“It enables our clients’ consumers to have direct money access with a digital wallet and physical debit cards usable anywhere, as well as the collection of data from those transactions for use in targeted marketing by our clients.

“Your Social Offers” owns the worldwide licensing and distribution rights through Vista Money for all its products and platforms to include its Artificial Intelligence Data Collection and Aggregation System.”

With Vista Money, PNNX will be able to utilize the Braandz App.

The Braandz App gives merchants the ability to accept Major brand gift cards as payment. These include gift cards from Walmart, BestBuy, Target, Starbucks and hundreds more. Braandz has unlocked major brand gift cards and now all registered businesses can accept them. Registered merchants can also issue and redeem their own electronic gift cards and activate any plastic gift card in seconds. Real time reporting can also be accessed to ensure that all users have easy access to their account details.

Now throw in the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) with the Social Media aspect which is unique compared to all others that PNNX had PR-ed to be soon coming too.
Source (courtesy of Ketobaker): https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=153609875

See below for some important comparisons to really understand the magnitude of what we have here with PNNX...



** Similar to MELI which trades at over $660.00+ per share with a 32.9 Billion Market Cap, PNNX through its wholly owned subsidiary, Your Social Offers (YSO), will be providing an online marketplace through social media platforms mainly for buyers at the restaurant, stores, or retail locations where users will be creating an online store for themselves. PNNX, through YSO will be rewarding their users in the form of the cash, coupons, discounts, or free products that they will accumulate for simply becoming a user for free.
Source: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=153463922


PNNX vs Plaid

Plaid acquired Quovo for an undisclosed amount and then later Visa acquired Plaid for $5.3 Billion. Plaid develops financial services APIs. Plaid demonstrated its technology at FinDEVr Silicon Valley to show how its API for Financial Infrastructures enabled developers to leverage data quickly, efficiently, and securely power fintech applications.

What they are doing is something similar to what PNNX has through its wholly owned subsidiary, Your Social Offers (YSO), but Plaid does not US based. PNNX/YSO is US based as it will operate within the US and abroad.

Plaid’s technology connects consumers with their apps and services through an $8 Billion company called Transferwise. PNNX is using VistaMoney and some undisclosed help after doing some further research that I think will later be revealed. Per the 8-K that was previously released by PNNX:

Item 2.01 Completion of Acquisition or Disposition of Assets.

Pennexx Foods, Inc. has completed the acquisition of Your Social Offers (“YSO”) from Candito Management Group, Inc.
The YSO app will have specific functionality that can be expanded to adapt to 3rd party venders utilizing a universal API integration. The purpose of the app and a backend data management system to track users social sharing information. In addition to the pre-paid Master Card, universal gift cards, loyalty and rewards program, the users will be able to utilize this system to choose from a list of categorized coupons and add them to a shopping list. This list will then be used at check out to redeem the coupons in other 3rd party upon launch. As we develop and roll out the app to future clients there will be a list of stores and locations near the user based on GPS data from the phone. There will be a section for the user to take a picture of the receipt to keep for returns and tracking of coupons. The app will also have a user login and profile section. Here the user's information will be stored and used for saving preferences and data collection. The app will be available for iOS and Android devices. The server-side application will be written in PHP and will manage the input of the coupons in the system as well as the users. There will be app analytics and users' stats available for quick view on the dashboard of this application.

Source: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=153336073


PNNX vs PayPay/Honey

PayPal acquired Honey for $4 billion for its shopping and rewards platform. Honey helps people find discounts with online coupons and has about 17 million monthly users. Honey generated $100 million in revenue last year and is profitable. PayPal will embed Honey into its apps such as Venmo, which has 275 million users. If they generated $100 million from 17 million users, then one can imagine how much they will generate from 275 million users. This could potentially align Honey to add an added $1.6 Billion in revenues to PayPal.
Source: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=153444133

Important to note, PNNX has through its wholly owned subsidiary, Your Social Offers (YSO), has the platform that is going to pay you in the form of a cash, coupon, discount, or free product for being part of their platform. This is a far greater rewards platform as compared to others and is only being offered to the PNNX/YSO user. In my opinion, this strongly positions PNNX to be a strong buyout candidate for a multi-billion dollar company that needs to get out of its way of being stuck in recapitalization where their growth has somewhat subsided.
Source: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=153444133


PNNX vs Ualá

Ualá was given a $1 billion valuation from the likes of Tencent and SoftBank from having only 1.3 million customers/users. Tencent is a $45.2 Billion company and SoftBank is a $112.4 Billion company. So… if anyone have an issue with how the metrics were used and derived for them to give a value of $1 Billion for having 1.3 million customers, please take that up with them.

Ualá is a personal financial management mobile app developed in Argentina linked to a Mastercard prepaid card that allows users to conduct financial transactions, such as, transferring money and making payments and purchases. This is basically one of the things that PNNX will be offering to their users through its wholly owned subsidiary, Your Social Offers (YSO), a prepaid Master Card that will also allow you to convert dollars into bitcoins or bitcoins into dollars through real time redemption in fiat currency (US Dollars).


For now, I’m going to consider the valuation for Ualá to have merit. Here are some valuation considerations for PNNX from such logic…

$1,000,000,000 ÷ 1,300,000 Users = $769.23 Per Users

This could potentially mean for PNNX from only 1,000,000 users

1,000,000 Users x $769.23 Per User = $769,230,000 in Value

What’s not clear, based on when those valuation metrics were given, is if they were referring to that $1 Billion amount from either a Market Cap perspective or a Revenues Model perspective. I’ll calculate valuations from both perspectives below…

From a Market Cap Perspective

$769,230,000 ÷ 46,057,322 Outstanding Shares (OS) = 16.7 Times as Multiple

This means that from the current price of .62 per share for PNNX, the current value for PNNX when they obtain 1,000,000 users is going to be $10.35 per share based on the Market Cap Analysis as derived as such from below…

16.7 Multiple x .62 PNNX Share Price = $10.35 per share

From a Revenues Model Perspective

Before reading this model, I’m going to speculate regarding some variables so if anyone feels different regarding any variable, please use the Substitution Property to substitute out any variable within the formula to make the result as conservative or aggressive as you desire.

Since the PNNX operations is basically automated, I believe there is very low factory overhead with very minimal Expenses of which could easily see an 80% Net Profit Margin to derive an Earnings Per Share (EPS). However, instead, I’m going to presume an overly conservative 10% Net Profit Margin as a worst case scenario which might be too extreme for some.

$769,230,000 x .10 Net Profit Margin = $76,923,000 Net Income

$76,923,000 Net Income ÷ 46,057,322 Outstanding Shares (OS) = $1.67 EPS

Now we must further multiply the EPS by a PE Ratio.

The Software (Internet) Industry has 90.14 for its PE Ratio and 66.75 for those that would rather use its Trailing PE Ratio as can be confirmed from the link below out of taking such data from the Top 30 Companies within the Software (Internet) Industry:

The Software (System & Application) Industry has 144.40 for its PE Ratio and 110.90 for those that would rather use its Trailing PE Ratio as can be confirmed from the link below out of taking such data from the Top 363 Companies within the Software (System & Application) Industry:

I think it is important to understand the logic behind the Price to Earnings (PE) Ratio. The links below should help to better understand the PE Ratio logic as being the ”growth rate” to help assess the fundamental valuation of a stock:

When analysts talk about the PE Ratio, they commonly refer to the Trailing PE Ratio which is why such is what I will use for the purpose of deriving this valuation and plus it’s smaller and more conservative compared to the current PE Ratios:

So, to continue…

With taking the Trailing PE Ratio from the Software (Internet) Industry of 66.75, consider below for a PNNX valuation…

$1.67 EPS x 66.75 Trailing PE Ratio = $111.47 per share

With taking the Trailing PE Ratio from the Software (System & Application) Industry of 110.90, consider below for a PNNX valuation…

$1.67 EPS x 110.90 Trailing PE Ratio = $185.20 per share

Ok. Wait. I’m very much aware that those numbers are kind of crazy to some people for a valuation for some stocks. Let’s consider using a very conservative PE Ratio of 20 for its Industry which is much lower than the Industry norms. As you can see, based on the links that I have provided above, one could easily see that 20 is an ultra-conservative PE Ratio, but let’s calculate a stock price valuation from such nonetheless…

$1.67 EPS x 20 PE Ratio = $33.40 per share

Let’s say I’m off in one of my variables above by a factor of 10 so that instead of PNNX getting 1,000,000 users, they only get 100,000 users. Then you must use the Substitution Property to recalculate the formulas above of which from quick math, slide those decimals in those per share amounts to the left one placement representing one tenth (1/10) of the earlier share price examples.

$111.47 per share = $11.14 per share
$185.20 per share = $18.52 per share
$33.40 per share = $3.34 per share

I hope one gets the point.



Rakuten, Inc. (RKUNY) is a Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing company based in Tokyo valued at over $10+ Billion. The company operates Japan's biggest Internet bank and number one credit card company by transaction value which is something similar to what PNNX will be offering to their users through its wholly owned subsidiary, Your Social Offers (YSO).



In Summary

In summary, there are some companies that are valued at a billion dollars, worth multi billions, and generate billions in Revenues that have operations very similar to what PNNX will be offering to their users through its wholly owned subsidiary, Your Social Offers (YSO). Since those stocks are trading in the dollars, then I see no reason why PNNX won’t graduate to trade at such levels.

PNNX/YSO has already opened up one store location just last week and is in the process of opening up a total of 15 store locations within the next two weeks to include having submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, its first provisional patent, titled “System for running social media marketing campaigns” on January 30th, 2020. This is the first in a series of patents that will be filed pertaining to our new, innovative products that they will be releasing in the near future:

Key PNNX Due Diligence Posts


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I never give investing advice; only my beliefs for risks in a stock.
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