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Sunday, 08/03/2014 5:47:55 PM

Sunday, August 03, 2014 5:47:55 PM

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Computer Tune Up XP

These are not in any particular order. These are written for XP and will work for Win 7 but the detailed instruction may be different for Win 7.

1. Clean out cookies and temp files. I use CCleaner
2. Update Windows and drivers
3. Update Java and Flashplayer, make sure you only have one version of Java installed.
4. Install and run Malwarebytes
5. Change virtual memory
6. Clean out startup, CCleaner
7. Clean out add-ons out of browser, I use Firefox
8. Change DNS
9. Run check disk
10. Reset (power down and up) cable modem and router.
11. Check Scheduled Tasks
12. Uninstall programs you don’t use or need.
13. Defrag

1. Download CCleaner, I usually get my files from Filehippo, here’s the link. It’s in the upper right corner and says download the latest version. Whenever you download something always scan it for viruses before you install. To scan RIGHT click on the file you downloaded and click scan for viruses, that’s how it works for Symantec anyways.

After install open CCleaner, uncheck history and recently typed urls. This is a personal choice but if you want that stuff erased them check them. Run CCleaner, lower right. It’s gonna tell you that it’s gonna permanently erase stuff, that’s ok.

I run CCleaner every night when I’m done for the day.

2. Update Windows and drivers

Click start
Click Windows update
If you do not see Windows update you are not in classic view. To change to classic view (you can change back after) RIGHT click on start button then click properties, check Classic Start Menu, then click apply.

You may hear a blip and see something just under your address bar wanting you to install Active X, go ahead and install.

Once you get to Windows Update click on the Custom button.

Once it is done scanning over on the left you will see
High Priority
Software, Optional
Hardware, Optional

Click on each one and select the updates you want to do

You should do all the High priorities and all the hardware, the software is up to you.

If you do update the Windows Media Player under the software category then make sure you run Windows update again because the will be High priory updates for the Windows Media Player you just installed.

More and or better hardware drives can be found on your computer manufactures site. If you need help with that let me know.

3. Update Java and Flashplayer, make sure you only have one version of Java installed.

Java: Click start
Control Panel
Double click Java, if you don’t see Java, click on Classic View in the upper left corner.

When the Java Control Panel opens click on the update tab
Click on the update now button in the lower right.

I have the Notify me before downloading and the check for automatically checked and when I get notified I do the above steps.

Last time I updated it did take out the old Javas

But to double check double click on add/remove programs in the control panel and look for more than 1 Java listed and uninstall the old one.

Flash Player: Double click on Flash Player in the control panel.
Click on the Advanced tab
Click on the Check Now button

That will take you to the Flash Play site which will list the version you have and the current versions. Just above the box that lists the version is a link to Player Download Center, click on that and following instructions.

Watch carefully when you install both Java and Flash Player they will want to install stuff you may not want like the Ask Toolbar or McAfee.

4. Install and run Malwarebytes

Download Malwarebytes (MWB)
It’s in the upper right corner and says download latest version
Remember what I said about scanning all files you download before installing.

Install MWB by double clicking on the file you downloaded.

Go slow and watch for the trial version which you do not want, uncheck it when you see the trial version.

When you get MWB open click the Scan Now button. It will let you know if you need to update it with a Fix Now button if it needs updating.

5. Virtual Memory

Virtual memory is a space on your hard drive that acts like RAM

1 gig = 1024 the MAX virtual memory XP can handle is 4096 which is strange because Windows is recommending 5361 on mine, lol and that’s what I have in there, but I think it is only using 4096, not sure, but I’d go with the 1 ½ of RAM to start, you can always change it if need be. I will have to research for Win 7. The rule is 1 ½ times that of RAM

So if you have 2 gig of RAM you would want 3072 virtual memory but can go a little higher if need be. If you don’t have enough virtual memory windows will let you know and you can change it.

To see how much RAM you have, RIGHT click My Computer and click on properties.
With computer properties still open, click on the advanced tab
Click on the first Setting button
Click on the Advanced tab
Click on the Change button
You probably have System Managed sized checked
To change check the Custom Size
Add the numbers to the 2 boxes and click the set button.
You can always change it back if needed.
Don’t feel like you have to do this if you don’t want, but you can see if it makes a difference.

You know the saying if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

If won’t hurt anything to try and see. Like I said, you can change it back.

6. Clean out startup, CCleaner
This is one of the best things you can do to speed up your computer.

Open CCleaner
Click on Tools over on the left.
Click on the Startup button
All that stuff listed that has a yes in the left column is what is starting every time you start your computer.
Most of the stuff you don’t need. For instance, your printer might be in there. Your printer does not need to be running in the background, when you go to print it will print. It’s just in there taking up resources.

To disable something just click on it and click on the disable button in the upper right. You can always enable it if you decide you want it running.

If you are not sure about something in there ask. You can always click on the Save to Text File button then copy and paste the text file to a post and I will look it over for you.

Just make DAMN SURE you don’t disable your anti virus.

7. Clean out add-ons out of browser, I use Firefox

Open Firefox, click on Tools
Click Add-ons
Click on Extensions you will be checking Plug-ins too
Look for any strange stuff, stuff you don’t recognize, if not sure about something just ask
For example not strange is Microsoft, Java, Flash Player
Strange and bad examples Conduit, Coupon stuff, Ad stuff.

8. Change DNS

DNS = Domain Name Server every web page you go to has an IP address but peeps can’t remember all those IPs so when you type for instance the DNS goes and looks up the IP and loads the page.

Type in cmd and hit enter
Type in ipconfig/all hit enter

Write down the 2 DNSs. DNSs come from your ISP but they are not always the fastest. I changed mine from the 2 Comcast ones to 1 Comcast and 1 google DNS which sped up my browsing. There is a program to tell you which is the fastest DNS, I will have to go find it but for now you can use one of your ISPs and a google one. You can switch them around too to see if that makes a difference.

To change DNS
RIGHT click on My Network Places
Click properties
Click on the Local Area Connection that has a status of connected
RIGHT click
Click properties
Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) DO NOT uncheck it
Click on the properties button
You probably have Obtain DNS server address automatically, which you can change back to if the changing of the DNS doesn’t work for you, so fear not.

Check the Use the follow DNS server address.
Put in your ISPs first DNS listed that you wrote down.
In the second box use googles DNS which is
You can also try reverse order

Click OK and get out of everything and reboot.
Check to see if browsing faster.

9. Run check disk

OK, check disk requires exclusive use of you computer so you can’t do this and be working on the computer. This could take an hour or more and will run when you restart the computer. It may look like the blue screen of death, DON”T PANIC that is what it is supposed to look like and when it is done Windows will startup.

RIGHT click the start button
Click Explore
RIGHT click on Local Drive (C:)
Click properties
Click on the Tools Tab
Click on the Check Now button
Put a check in both boxes
Click Start
It’s gonna tell you something like it need excusive use and ask you if you want to run check disk next time you restart, click yes, then restart the computer.

10. Reset (power down and up) cable modem and router

This one is easy and is usually the first thing you ISP will tell you to do if you call them because you are having internet issues.
Just unplug both your cable modem and router.
Wait 15 seconds
Plug the cable modem back in and wait until there are no lights blinking
Could take a minute or 2
Plug the router back in.

11. Check Scheduled Tasks

Click Start
Click Settings
Click Control Panel
Double click Scheduled Tasks
See what’s in there and if you don’t want it RIGHT click it then click delete

Flash Player likes to check for updates every hour

If you want to keep the Flash Player but change the time I think you can just double click on it and change the frequency, not sure because I don’t have anything in my Scheduled Tasks.Uninstall programs you don’t use or need

12. Uninstall programs you don’t use or need

There are 2 ways to do this

Click Start
Click Settings
Click Control Panel
Double click Add/Remove Programs.
Look for stuff you don’t need or want anymore
Click on it then click the Remove button
Also look for strange stuff that you don’t recognize, if your not sure ask
Strange stuff = coupon program, ad program and such

The other way is to use CCleaner

Open CCleaner
Click on Tools over on the left
Uninstall should already be highlighted
Click on the program you don’t want then click on the Run Uninstaller button on the top right.

13. Defrag

Click Start
Click Programs
Click Accessories
Click System Tool
Click Disk Defragmenter. HINT, if you RIGHT click on Disk Defragmenter then click send to, click Desktop (create shortcut) you’ll have it right on your desktop for next time.

Make sure the C: drive is highlighted then click the Defragment button.

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