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Daxxer  I'm a little bit country ... and a little bit rock 'n roll! Oh, and I like dividends, value, and growth stocks. Especially when they're a combo.

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OAK  Oaktree Capital Group LLC000.00%   06/21/2013
My OAK Pitch: "Oaktree manages funds in investment strategies that fall into the six asset classes, which include distressed debt, corporate debt, control investing, convertible securities, real estate and listed equities.

Picking up distressed debt for pennies is a good thing. Tip from Motley Fool Premium."
CVX  Chevron Corp.109.98-0.32-0.29%   06/21/2013
My CVX Pitch: "I like Chevron. Used to have Standard Oil shares when I was a kid. I sold em when I was 18 and should have held. I know folks who have never sold (except to farm some) and it is amazing with the splits and growth and dividends. I think it is cheap at the moment, but hey, that is just me ..."
BAC-D  Bank of America Preferred D (also BAC-D, BAC-PRD, BAC.PRD)  06/13/2013
My BAC-D Pitch: "This stock stays around $25 and pays out a nice qtrly div of .3878 / 6.19% yield! Why does it stay around $25? Because BofA can call the stock at any time for $25 share. They've threatened to do it for a couple years now, and have called other preferreds recently. But not Pref D yet! Divs Baby!"
DIS  The Walt Disney Co.175.575-0.285-0.16%   06/09/2013
My DIS Pitch: "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to growth we go! Annual div as well."
MO  Altria Group47.71-0.19-0.40%   06/09/2013
My MO Pitch: "Nice dividend. Stable stock."
INTC  Intel57.865-0.125-0.22%   06/09/2013
My INTC Pitch: "Moving on up ... to the East Side. Intel is finally moving into the mobile market. They're gonna rule it. Nice div too."
TSLA  Tesla, Inc.599.07-0.29-0.05%   06/09/2013
My TSLA Pitch: "Game changing products ... and now services too. Plus volatility to feed the inner Day Trader."
FNMAS  Fannie Mae Preferred S6.699250.009250.14%   06/09/2013
My FNMAS Pitch: "Hedge funds with major millions invested recently can't be wrong. Can they?"
QRE  QR Energy LP  06/09/2013
My QRE Pitch: "Huge dividend! Stable company."
T  AT&T29.2125-0.0675-0.23%   06/09/2013
My T Pitch: "Great company, great dividend. Perfect combo!"
FNMA  Fannie Mae2.28-0.01-0.44%   06/09/2013
My FNMA Pitch: "Crave volatility? Then this is the stock for you!"
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