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Ticker Board News Price Change Chg% Added
PHOT GrowLife Inc. 0.0261 0.0 0.00% 06/19/2013
My PHOT Pitch: It has Phototron TV commercials, and is on OTCQB. Great success here.
FNMA Fannie Mae 1.1 0.0 0.00% 05/24/2013
SKTO SK3 Group Inc. 0.00005 0.0 0.00% 03/24/2013
My SKTO Pitch: Will this copy MJNA.
QSEP QS Energy Inc. 0.0445 0.0 0.00% 03/05/2013
My QSEP Pitch: Swta could up list to Nasdaq. Halliburton try to buy swta at a short price. Swta did not go through with it.
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