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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
EZCL  Ezy Cloud Holding Inc.   11/08/2019
My EZCL Pitch: "[Suppressed Image]"
QPSF  QPS Die Cutters & Finishers Corporation0.030.00.00%   11/06/2019
DVDR  Divide Drives Inc DVDR0.0270.00312.50%   11/06/2019
ZDEC  Zenovia Digital Exchange Corp.0.0547-0.0043-7.29%   11/04/2019
My ZDEC Pitch: "merger going,1.00++ PPS "
SIGL  Signal Advance, Inc000.00%   10/28/2019
My SIGL Pitch: "$3.00+++ easy going"
CFTN  Clifton Mining Company0.1850.00.00%   10/24/2019
My CFTN Pitch: "easy going into dollars"
INNX  Infinite Networks Corp.0.02410.00.00%   10/11/2019
My INNX Pitch: "INNX could see .50+++ soon"
MDMP  MDM Permian Inc.0.007-0.0006-7.89%   10/11/2019
My MDMP Pitch: "easy .10+++"
ACRS  Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc.1.89-0.06-3.08%   10/11/2019
My ACRS Pitch: "ACRS~~$10.00 coming"
ZAAG  ZAGroup0.0720.00.00%   09/26/2019
ITDN  Interdyne Co.0.01340.00.00%   09/18/2019
My ITDN Pitch: "$ multi DOLLARS PPS"
NTGN  Neon Therapeutics2.060.063.00%   09/05/2019
My NTGN Pitch: "$15.00 pps easy going here"
APSI  Aqua Power Systems Inc.000.00%   09/03/2019
My APSI Pitch: ".20-.50 going"
UCBB  US-China Biomedical Technology Inc.0.0725-0.1125-60.81%   08/22/2019
My UCBB Pitch: "$10 DOLLARS ++++"
FPTA  First Priority Tax Solutions Inc.   08/22/2019
My FPTA Pitch: "$20++++"
LAAB  Startech Labs Inc.  08/22/2019
My LAAB Pitch: "$5.0+++"
MRMD  MariMed Inc.0.8740.02412.84%   08/22/2019
My MRMD Pitch: "5.00"
My CNWHF Pitch: "$10.00 +++ easy"
LBAO  Luboa Group, Inc.   08/18/2019
My LBAO Pitch: "LBAO $6.00 now,GOING to $1,000.00 PPS"
TTCS  TIE Technologies Inc.0.0770.00.00%   08/18/2019
RGGI  Resgreen Group International Inc.   08/18/2019
ALYI  Alternet Systems Inc.0.0061-0.0005-7.58%   08/13/2019
GEECF  Global Environmental Energy Cp0.0006-0.0001-14.29%   08/12/2019
CAFI  Consumer Automotive Finance Inc.0.05765-0.02735-32.18%   08/08/2019
My CAFI Pitch: "CAFI~~easy $2.00-5.00 dollars"
GLG  GLG Partners, Inc.0.60020.00020.03%   08/06/2019
My GLG Pitch: "4.00 DOLLARS FAST"
MMMW  Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.0.009-0.00098-9.82%   08/06/2019
My MMMW Pitch: ".15-.20 coming"
BVNNF  BevCanna Enterprises Inc  08/05/2019
CQER  SecurCapital Holdings Corp.0.73510.00.00%   08/01/2019
My CQER Pitch: "$200.00 going with 81k float"
GPGC  Global Poletrusion Group Corp.   07/26/2019
My GPGC Pitch: "7.00+++ PPS coming again"
CIIT  Tianci International Inc.1.85-0.04-2.12%   07/25/2019
BZTG  Buzz Technologies0.00940.000849.81%   07/25/2019
My BZTG Pitch: ".50 cents easy,low float"
FAVO  Favo Realty Inc.0.15-0.011-6.83%   07/24/2019
My FAVO Pitch: "$5.00 easy"
PNAT  Pura Naturals, Inc0.00030.00.00%   07/24/2019
ASCK  Auscrete Corp.0.00015-0.00005-25.00%   07/24/2019
My ASCK Pitch: "ASCK~~.05+++ coming"
PHUN  Phunware Inc.1.39-0.06-4.14%   07/22/2019
My PHUN Pitch: "$20.00 coming"
PCTL  PCT Ltd.0.0017-0.0001-5.56%   07/22/2019
My PCTL Pitch: ".20+++"
CEOS  CeCors, Inc.0.00590.00.00%   07/16/2019
My CEOS Pitch: "CEOS~~.20 cents ++ target"
SLCH  Spotlight Capital Holdings Inc.0.00620.00.00%   07/16/2019
My SLCH Pitch: "easy .10+++"
UPLC  Ultra Petroleum Corp.  07/05/2019
My UPLC Pitch: ".27 now,,$3.00 coming"
FCEL  FuelCell Energy Inc.0.4510.01613.70%   07/02/2019
My FCEL Pitch: "FCEL~~GOING TO $5.00 DOLLARS ++++++ "
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