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APYP: Share Structure, LMMFAO Keep buying because IT's STILL GROWING. [/b
50 MIL STRONG 06/03/23 10:15 PM
It’s always been a dud! PhilipDrummond 06/03/23 12:50 AM
What a dud this stock turned out to be nwsun 06/01/23 10:04 AM
Link, Apparent Corp..infm for shareholders watchin some ..trades 2business 05/30/23 4:03 PM
Because nothing has materialized yet Jiddy905 05/20/23 8:51 AM
Added! Penny2Dime 05/11/23 3:18 PM
Appyeah Twitter Viking18317 05/10/23 4:31 AM
Why wasn't it a PR stating this.. are faith1 05/09/23 9:10 PM
Why wasn't it a PR stating this.. are faith1 05/09/23 9:10 PM
The last ceo was a piece of garbage PhilipDrummond 05/08/23 11:24 PM
Let me guess, max S/S, reverse split, new PhilipDrummond 05/08/23 11:23 PM
You have to give any startup 5+ years Jiddy905 05/08/23 9:56 AM
"$APYP One of two the largest smartphone manufacturers in Jiddy905 05/08/23 9:53 AM
What large companies are Apyp going after for faith1 05/05/23 8:10 AM
Apyp awarded key patent for sleep disorder.. why faith1 05/04/23 7:53 PM
Apyp awarded key patent for sleep disorder.. why faith1 05/04/23 7:53 PM
Piece of sh** stock. CEO penny ante every makecents99 04/14/23 11:10 AM
APYP: Share Structure, LMAO Keep buying because IT's
50 MIL STRONG 04/03/23 4:11 PM
This ceo is a liar Harbor6460 03/21/23 11:57 AM
Well, I gave him a call. He could John543 03/10/23 10:27 AM
So I just got a call and voicemail John543 03/08/23 1:32 PM
Fake news buddy Jbombr77 02/28/23 12:23 PM
Look it up for yourself on OTC MARKET. Scott 75 02/24/23 11:28 PM
For lunch ???
lalaland 02/17/23 11:29 AM
It’s time! Penny2Dime 02/17/23 10:59 AM
What a POS this stock turned out to nwsun 02/09/23 2:37 PM
The last CEO was a PoS as well. PhilipDrummond 02/08/23 3:22 PM
This ceo is a loser. And all his Harbor6460 02/08/23 9:46 AM
Gotta be dumping and dilution here right people? POS makecents99 02/06/23 3:53 PM
Capitulation was 2 days ago. This was manipulation. Dnx_PH 02/02/23 8:51 PM
Looks like capitulation has arrived... The_Free_Nebula 02/02/23 2:29 PM
Looks like it is a "Death to Smuchy" The_Free_Nebula 02/02/23 2:00 PM
Looks like they put out enough shares to 50 MIL STRONG 01/31/23 12:16 PM
definitely bearish The_Free_Nebula 01/31/23 11:17 AM
APYP: Share Structure, LMAO IT's STILL GROWING. [/b
50 MIL STRONG 01/30/23 2:40 PM
Because he did. It was at 5 billion Harbor6460 01/24/23 2:20 PM
News is not good. Before talking about The_Free_Nebula 01/21/23 12:26 PM
Because this is a big scam PhilipDrummond 01/18/23 9:54 AM
I'm new at this. Why would you say big al6 01/17/23 3:16 PM
Looks good here lmaooooooooooooooo. Ceo took it alll Harbor6460 01/17/23 2:07 PM
The race is on. Hopefully we get The_Free_Nebula 01/11/23 11:20 AM
Problem is, it's a pattern for this company. 50 MIL STRONG 01/11/23 11:07 AM
Thanx for posting this. less than 4M The_Free_Nebula 01/11/23 11:04 AM
APYP: Share Structure, Company says bend over and 50 MIL STRONG 01/11/23 9:20 AM
Patents of SleepX Ltd. (OTCQB: APYP) for Sleep Mr. Elliot 01/11/23 9:05 AM
need some good faith production news The_Free_Nebula 01/10/23 12:28 PM
And now orders!!! Master Stocktrader 01/09/23 3:20 PM
APPYEA Inc.’s (OTCQB: APYP) wholly-owned subsidiary, SleepX, is
JY5 01/09/23 3:13 PM
5 Important Health And Fitness Tech Trends For
Peter28 01/04/23 8:38 AM
It's brough down on low volume. They The_Free_Nebula 12/29/22 4:05 PM
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Appyea Inc (APYP)

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AppYea Inc.

Working today for tomorrow's future.

In 2012 AppYea began developing apps and then started working to improve the healthcare process. 2021, Management has set forth the vision to acquire and build affordable medical devices to enhance life quality. AppYea will focus on the "End-User."



The Diagnostic Center Inc, is a newly formed marketing and service subsidiary of AppYea, Inc. (OTC:APYP) that empowers physician offices, clinics, hospitals, long term care facilities, healthcare groups, employers, governmental units and correctional institutions in getting comprehensive diagnostic testing results quicker. Our goal is to work with multiple diagnostic testing facilities throughout the United States and at the same time using numerous collectors to handle the samples personally therefore expediting the process.

We provide fast and accurate results. With screening results within 24 hours and full confirmation of 78 tests.


  In the process to acquire Sleepx Ltd. 
APYP begin process for Acquisition of SleepX Ltd.Press Release | 01/28/2021

Boca Raton, FL, and Rehovot, Israel (OTC Pink: APYP) AppYea, Inc. ("AppYea" or the "Company") begun the process to acquire 100% of the outstanding shares of SleepX Ltd., a company formed under the laws of Israel ("SleepX") and Nexense Technologies USA Inc., a Delaware corporation.

Todd Violette, CEO of AppYea stated, "I have been very impressed with the SleepX management team in Israel and SleepXs products and technology. SleepX holds a portfolio of patents and products designed to prevent snoring and sleep apnea, which I believe present a unique opportunity for AppYea."

AppYea management's review of information from Research and Markets September 18, 2020 industry report, indicates the global sleep apnea device market is forecast to increase to US$9.29 billion in 2024, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 7.94% between 2020-2024. The same report found that the fastest-growing regional market wasNorth America, with the highest incidence of obstructive sleep apnea cases, provided that Europealso represents a large available market.

"SleepX has developed a unique technology for monitoring sleep apnea. The Technology and IP are protected via international patents - sleep apnea detection and sleep phases analysis through sound wave analysis, developed in the Biomedical Department of Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel.Based on this technology, one of the leading products SleepX offers is a unique night bracelet for the treatment of snoring using artificial Intelligence", said Bary Molchadsky, CEO of SleepX.
News LINK: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/APYP/news/APYP-begin-process-for-Acquisition-of-SleepX-Ltd?id=287757

Boca Raton, FL (OTC Ticker: APYP) Appyea, Inc, on January 28, 2021, announced the entry into a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) for the acquisition of SleepX Ltd. from Israel. 


Patent information




AppYea Holding Inc.

Cannabis Blockchain 

One of our subsidiaries, will be going into the Cannabis Blockchain Business. Last year, while I was researching the cannabis industry, I identified some key business models unique to the cannabis industry that are incredibly different from those currently being promoted in the Cannabis Capital Markets. The number one principle that drives the success in the cannabis industry for long term valuation and growth is the principle to acquire the "Customer First." Therefore, building a Cannabis Blockchain for the customers and expanding delivery services that deliver cannabis to people in their homes will be the end target market. I have approved the Subsidiary of AppYea Holding Inc., and the newly formed Canadian Subsidiary will transition, focusing the business development during 2021 on building a Cannabis Blockchain Company.

I view this opportunity based upon the belief that by 2022, California's cannabis market is projected to jump to $5 billion boosted significantly by California's recreational cannabis market. The California cannabis industry's total economic impact could be nearly $10 billion.

The Cannabis Blockchain Development in 2021 will be:
  • The Cannabis or Hemp Grower benefits from using the blockchain data for compliance with standard operating procedures to ensure strict manufacturing guidelines for safety. The Grower's additional value can track data to increase crop yield and potentially reduce water consumption, increasing profitability. We envision the Grower's Blockchain and machine learning to determine specific crop details by using predictive analytics and personal data to assess the strain the customers desire the most.

The Environmental benefit results from creating a decentralized, encrypted database validating SOP processes as they occur during Cannabis Cultivation. The record's benefit will track the amount of pesticide used, water consumed, and soil degradation.

The Person partaking in the use of the product benefits from a cleaner and better product to enjoy. In the future, we envision the consumer being able to scan the QR code with their phone and use the Blockchain to see the record of the nutrients solution recipe or the amount of pesticide used during the cultivation and packaging process. The end customer will have a history of the Cannabis plant through all stages of the plant's life cycle to verify the final product's product outcome and authenticity.

The Government could begin using the system to be more efficient with tax collections and implementing more effective regulatory policies. We can expect that governments will finally acceptblockchainbenefits and improve critical applications improving tracking financial transactions and ensuring people's identity in the seed to the sale process.

The Cannabis Blockchain cansignificantlyimprove supply chainsby enabling faster and more cost-efficient product deliveries, enhancing product traceability,and enhancingcoordination between customers, drivers, and central locations.
I feel these targeted areas with a combination of proprietary plans will allow the Company to build out a revenue model and use the base assets being developed to potentially generate revenue within the next year. I recently traveled to the Province of Saskatchewan to view a location and meet with a local representative that owns the property for a site that could access power, internet, and host multiple servers. The vision would include developing Agricultural Data and becoming an Ag Tech Datacenter using blockchain technology.





Mr. Todd Violette serves as NEW Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Mr. Violette brings a wealth of experience to AppYea, having spent more than 24 years evaluating and participating investment opportunities across the capital structure of North American companies with a focus on OTC companies. Mr. Violette has worked in a management capacity as a chief executive officer, affecting corporate actions and implementing policies in order to maximize shareholder value. AppYea has previously announced its participation and desire to be in the CBD and Hemp business Mr. Violette disclosed to the Board a potential conflict of interest regarding his outside participation in a project working with a team of experts building 55,000 sq. feet private hemp exaction facility in in Western Kentucky. Any opportunity resulting from this operation will first be brought to AppYea. Mr. Violette graduated of the University of Maryland College Park in 1992.





Contact Information
AppYea Inc.

1-800-674-3561 or Email  info@appyea.com

102 NE 2nd Street #265, Boca Raton, FL 33432

1-800-674-3561 Please Phone or Text Email: info@appyea.com

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/AppyeaInc/status/1346914866183892994 


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