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MInvesting4867IS!...(God put something here), Happily Self-Actualizing.

MInvesting4867 IS!...(God put something here), Happily Self-Actualizing.

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Location: After Hours No Pants Parties and Various Holy and/or Unspoken of endeavors.
Investment Philosophy: Maths. Add Money.
Occupation: Preferably.
Hobby: Entheos
Favorite Links: ihub
Favorite Quote: "Better Live a Zealous Patriot who stands for what they believe. Than the Latter."
"If one Cannot Find the Standard - Set It."
"Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back."
- Princess Diana
"It is Done."
- Jesus
"I really only feel free around 250 on the road"
- Anonymous
Favorite Person: People who'd like to meet me.
Favorite Movie: American Gangster
Passion of The Christ
History of the World, Part I
Shanghai Knights, Shanghai Noon, ANNNND Rush Hours 1-3
Favorite Artist: Maths. The Creator of the Fibonacci. God is the Best Artist. Van Gogh.
Favorite Team: The Winning Ones.
Default Signature: "The Price of Lies is the Consequence of Them Compounded with The Possibilities Limited by the Outcome of Said Lies. But Then There's Truth."