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MInvesting4867IS!...(God put something here), Happily Self-Actualizing.

MInvesting4867 IS!...(God put something here), Happily Self-Actualizing.

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JRMC just hired some new staff. Rennova Health Inc. 01/09/2022 10:14:17 PM
So much more money could be made off Rennova Health Inc. 01/05/2022 11:55:13 AM
Lol. 1B? Try 10. Rennova Health Inc. 01/04/2022 02:47:14 PM
Merry Christmas to you also. Rennova Health Inc. 12/25/2021 02:45:51 AM
That's essentially an offering via dilution Rennova Health Inc. 12/24/2021 03:59:45 AM
Moving on up! Fidelity National Financial 12/18/2021 06:57:35 PM
You sure you didn't just hit market sale Rennova Health Inc. 12/18/2021 06:54:42 PM
What if this is one of those bottom plays... Rennova Health Inc. 12/07/2021 11:08:35 AM
People with access to below .0001 are buying Rennova Health Inc. 12/07/2021 10:31:20 AM
about 20 billion or more shares have gone Rennova Health Inc. 12/07/2021 10:15:04 AM
It will help keep the price down for Rennova Health Inc. 12/02/2021 02:58:34 PM
REVERSE SPLIT ANNOUNCED! Rennova Health Inc. 12/02/2021 02:34:24 PM
Regarding the TSNP mention.... Global Tech Ltd 11/27/2021 08:03:57 AM
After Recently Splitting their stocks... Rennova Health Inc. 11/17/2021 11:40:13 AM
$DWAC! I think if Trump somehow were Digital World Acquisition Corp 11/12/2021 11:35:48 AM
Shorts might not get burned today.. NSAV Holding, Inc. 11/12/2021 11:27:47 AM
So... GNCC Capital, Inc. 11/11/2021 02:26:43 PM
Good more shares to ride up with :p NSAV Holding, Inc. 11/11/2021 01:53:08 PM
TFW Bashers... Cyberpunk TJCBigBrainLabzRoom 11/09/2021 01:24:23 AM
There were also rumors of acquisitions and mergers NSAV Holding, Inc. 11/09/2021 01:17:34 AM
Contracts and the like alluded to for production developments. Valiant Eagle Inc. 11/09/2021 12:17:11 AM
Interesting perspective.. NSAV Holding, Inc. 11/08/2021 09:59:47 PM
Re: 'JT is not gone, he is tweeting...' NSAV Holding, Inc. 11/08/2021 01:23:40 AM
You mean next year? Wat? Digital World Acquisition Corp 11/08/2021 12:03:14 AM
Feeling for those who didn't watch for it Capital Financial Global, Inc. 11/07/2021 09:28:36 PM
It's going to be a madhouse after that Digital World Acquisition Corp 11/07/2021 03:34:11 PM
$NSAV! NSAV Holding, Inc. 11/05/2021 02:49:55 PM
$NSAV NSAV Holding, Inc. 11/04/2021 04:36:17 AM
12th gonna be a big day for $DWAC eh? Digital World Acquisition Corp 11/04/2021 01:59:03 AM
"A Deal was made" Digital World Acquisition Corp 11/02/2021 01:42:21 PM
Creatd Provides Update on Balance Sheet and Financing Activities: Creatd Inc. 11/01/2021 01:39:34 PM
Filed Pre-Market EFFECT - Vision Sensing Acquisition Corp 11/01/2021 11:02:27 AM
S-1/A Filed 12/10/21 Vision Sensing Acquisition Corp 11/01/2021 10:54:58 AM
$DWAC! Digital World Acquisition Corp 10/31/2021 06:50:28 AM
All I gots ta say is... BAKKT HOLDINGS, INC. 10/29/2021 05:05:14 PM
Glad the IBOX Relects ALL SIDES - Good Digital World Acquisition Corp 10/29/2021 11:21:29 AM
$NNRX! Lol. And Rumble had a merger before Nutranomics, Inc 10/26/2021 06:12:24 PM
$PALT Apparently Lockheed Martin too "Experienced volatility" Paltalk Inc. 10/26/2021 04:37:17 PM