temp luvs amyMoving the Shrimp to Fiji, if the plan works.

temp luvs amy Moving the Shrimp to Fiji, if the plan works.

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Age: 62
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Investment Philosophy: Graham/Dodd value investing. Elliot wave emotional speculation. I'm getting too old for stocks. I trade bonds and indexes more but pick a few issues to focus on. You might see me trading oil once in a while.
Occupation: Shaman (Medicine Man), Inventor, Skirt Chaser, Bottle Washer, Janitor.
Hobby: Spirits, stocks, Shrimp, and Girls, Girls, Girls.
Favorite Quote: "The truth will set you free." Lies will cost you. I like my facts like my Jack Daniels: Straight up, and keep them coming until I have had enough. My BS detector works and I can smell that stuff from a mile away. Keep your dog and pony shows for the little kiddies. Tell me what is really going on.