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overachiever  Living La Vida Loca in Ouagadougou

Posts by overachieverBoardDate/Time
When are the pumping clowns at BTDG going B2Digital Inc. (BTDG) 09/28/2019 11:51:59 AM
At BTDG, if you don't watch your money B2Digital Inc. (BTDG) 09/07/2019 12:01:32 PM
BTDG. Still scammin after all these years. B2Digital Inc. (BTDG) 09/07/2019 11:58:48 AM
This company isn't doing squat. The only B2Digital Inc. (BTDG) 08/09/2019 05:50:32 PM
Is Scammer LaBarre still conning everyone with this company? B2Digital Inc. (BTDG) 07/26/2019 06:32:38 PM
They are wash trading this scam. Fooling Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 06/01/2019 09:54:36 PM
That's the first I have heard of the 8000 Incorporated (EIGH) 05/11/2019 11:19:13 AM
Neither did his naked short squeezes. Lol 8000 Incorporated (EIGH) 05/11/2019 01:30:05 AM
Too funny. His entire "system" was a 8000 Incorporated (EIGH) 05/11/2019 01:25:23 AM
Divis of 75 billion percent are worth waiting Fortress Financial Group (fka FFGO) 05/04/2019 03:04:16 PM
Yeah. That's the ticket! 8000 Incorporated (EIGH) 05/04/2019 03:00:08 PM
Maybe everyone can find out what is coming 8000 Incorporated (EIGH) 05/04/2019 01:39:45 PM
It might be time to get shorty. 8000 Incorporated (EIGH) 05/04/2019 01:37:45 PM
Has Monk in a Box been come to 8000 Incorporated (EIGH) 05/04/2019 01:32:12 PM
Accumulating this scam is not too wise. Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 05/04/2019 01:18:59 PM
Tudor doesn't sell AWGs. Forget that. Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 05/04/2019 01:17:27 PM
Tudor doesn't have to sell personal stock. Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 05/04/2019 01:15:18 PM
Don't worry. Tudor will hey the O/S Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 05/04/2019 01:11:52 PM
Why is the stock up? Did LaBarre quit? B2Digital Inc. (BTDG) 04/09/2019 05:47:54 PM
WTII = Phi Scamma Jamma Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 04/09/2019 05:44:32 PM
Always seems to be a new crop of Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 04/09/2019 05:44:30 PM
Tudor is just another penny stock BS artist. Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 02/20/2019 07:19:47 PM
You'll be waiting forever. Some here have Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 02/05/2019 05:00:10 PM
Wrong again. LaBarre will always be the B2Digital Inc. (BTDG) 02/05/2019 04:55:52 PM
Yes Sir! As long as Labarre is B2Digital Inc. (BTDG) 02/05/2019 04:53:20 PM
Lmao! What a scam. Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 01/28/2019 04:25:02 PM
So you charge 20 bucks a month for T/A ETF AND INDEX 01/27/2019 04:02:26 PM
With WTII, it is usually a "blip and Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 01/27/2019 03:51:31 PM
Are you still looking for 3014 somewhere down T/A ETF AND INDEX 01/27/2019 03:36:47 PM
I tried my best to warn you boys Sarissa Resources, Inc. (SRSR) 01/27/2019 03:32:06 PM
Scott was too smart to get sucked in Canadian Cannabis Corp. (fka CCAN) 01/08/2019 09:31:34 PM
Dan destroyed this company. Looks like it Sarissa Resources, Inc. (SRSR) 01/03/2019 02:46:31 PM
Another round of massive dumping. Headed for Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 12/26/2018 07:21:56 PM
2 million shares dumped. Nothing new about that. Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 12/25/2018 01:56:14 PM
It's really sad that the charlatan Tudor runs Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 12/22/2018 01:56:45 PM
Keevil much too smart than to get burned Canadian Cannabis Corp. (fka CCAN) 12/11/2018 02:17:30 PM
Pumping Tudor has littered the OTC with the Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 12/02/2018 12:43:59 PM
More pumping BULLCRAP from the leader in pumping Water Technologies International,Inc (WTII) 11/29/2018 04:30:57 PM
Triplw Zero Dan-O must have ruined the dollarland party Sarissa Resources, Inc. (SRSR) 11/28/2018 01:56:58 PM
So that works out to each bar selling SIPP Industries (SIPC) 11/27/2018 09:16:24 PM

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