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I was wrong about that .0081; landscape changed quick PetroSun Inc 08/05/2021 10:11:05 AM
The way L2 is looking you might still PetroSun Inc 08/05/2021 10:10:12 AM
Pretty sure we go over .01 today. Just Smart Decision Inc 08/05/2021 10:05:54 AM
I took the Peter Lynch approach on DGWR Deep Green Waste & Recycling Inc. 08/05/2021 08:32:24 AM
Sold mine a couple of weeks ago with SFLMaven Corporation 08/05/2021 08:24:40 AM
Every dog has it's day; just a matter SFLMaven Corporation 08/04/2021 08:39:10 PM
Totally agree about dollars just told the young PetroSun Inc 08/04/2021 07:30:06 PM
Up 27% on 13.5 million volume! What quality Smart Decision Inc 08/04/2021 07:10:29 PM
Not yet, give another day or 2; go PetroSun Inc 08/04/2021 03:35:42 PM
I was thinking about going into this one PetroSun Inc 08/04/2021 03:28:22 PM
He has 66.6 thousand followers; yeah I know, Smart Decision Inc 08/04/2021 03:17:15 PM
I look for Aba and Z to show Smart Decision Inc 08/04/2021 01:02:01 PM
Aaah the infamous 911 trade (and that was Smart Decision Inc 08/04/2021 12:58:18 PM
Get into those .007s and hit more scanners Smart Decision Inc 08/04/2021 12:45:40 PM
The board is pretty quite lol Smart Decision Inc 08/04/2021 12:11:48 PM
.0064s getting cleared out; bid sitters will pay Smart Decision Inc 08/04/2021 11:08:58 AM
GM Sharky, L2 is looking explosive this morning Smart Decision Inc 08/04/2021 09:40:39 AM
Imagine what this stock could do with a Smart Decision Inc 08/03/2021 11:54:28 PM
That bidder @ .0048 in your wildest dreams Smart Decision Inc 08/03/2021 03:21:32 PM
Willing to bet there is more ASK slapping Smart Decision Inc 08/03/2021 02:54:14 PM
I was looking at another stock P #S Smart Decision Inc 08/03/2021 02:47:28 PM
A good amount of accumulation recently on a Smart Decision Inc 08/03/2021 02:28:14 PM
I bought solely because of the chart while Smart Decision Inc 08/03/2021 02:16:13 PM
Thanks tiburón Smart Decision Inc 08/03/2021 02:02:32 PM
Damn that was too easy; in at .0052 Smart Decision Inc 08/03/2021 01:57:34 PM
How would a GS tweet have caused this Drone Guarder Inc. 08/03/2021 12:56:31 PM
I keep waiting for some sort of a Drone Guarder Inc. 08/03/2021 12:50:07 PM
I had given up on the concept "Power Drone Guarder Inc. 08/02/2021 02:09:26 PM
Thank you to whomever it was who informed Drone Guarder Inc. 08/02/2021 01:30:06 PM
Take that idiot sellers: 1.8 million selling block Drone Guarder Inc. 08/02/2021 01:27:10 PM
This afternoon is going to be some heavy Drone Guarder Inc. 08/02/2021 12:51:57 PM
I wish someone would inform these idiot sellers Drone Guarder Inc. 08/02/2021 12:40:22 PM
I was hoping for a higher yield today Drone Guarder Inc. 08/02/2021 11:14:22 AM
Yea I see it all the time too; Cuba Beverage Company 08/02/2021 10:35:31 AM
Wow, 8 million on the Ask! Really? Cuba Beverage Company 08/02/2021 10:28:23 AM
Nice dip this morning, in @ .0095 Go Drone Guarder Inc. 08/02/2021 09:53:26 AM
Bet I won't (pay 3xs as much!). They Drone Guarder Inc. 08/01/2021 10:21:55 PM
No attorney letter submitted about going current; last Drone Guarder Inc. 08/01/2021 02:40:16 PM
Totally agree, there would have to be a Cuba Beverage Company 08/01/2021 02:20:25 PM
Thanks BB Perfect Solutions Group Inc. 08/01/2021 11:07:25 AM