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havent smacked trip 0's in a while. forgot Safer Shot Inc. 03/06/2021 09:23:15 AM
FYI the mice on the board are not Borneo Resource Investments, LTD 03/06/2021 09:17:58 AM
JAMMERS TO YOUR BATTLE STATIONS. The time is Jammin Java Corp 03/05/2021 10:31:15 AM
every morning the ask gets smaller and smaller. Aluf Holdings Inc. 03/05/2021 10:24:27 AM
yes sir. i like your style mikey. hopped Latteno Food Corp. 03/05/2021 10:20:43 AM
as someone that just found JAMN this past Jammin Java Corp 03/04/2021 08:52:07 AM
they just never learn do they sgt sharky. Megola, Inc. 03/04/2021 08:46:12 AM
still just me here? ok then another smack Aluf Holdings Inc. 03/03/2021 12:59:31 PM
idk what this does but we shall all, Inc. 03/03/2021 12:58:23 PM
oh yea we are reallllll close to jammin. Jammin Java Corp 03/03/2021 12:53:54 PM
ohhhhh me likey. smacked 100 off the ask HNO International Inc. 03/02/2021 11:28:34 AM
not several weeks, several years. they would love Jammin Java Corp 03/02/2021 11:24:08 AM
i love me some reverse split shares. I Aluf Holdings Inc. 03/02/2021 11:20:03 AM
theres a reason they have such small quantities Borneo Resource Investments, LTD 02/26/2021 01:24:06 PM
oh boy we are about to be jammin, Jammin Java Corp 02/26/2021 01:20:54 PM
Stir it up, little coffee mate, stir it Jammin Java Corp 02/26/2021 01:58:08 AM
Ok this is a game changer. DJ KHALEDDDDDD Jammin Java Corp 02/25/2021 09:08:32 AM
SAMSARA SAMSARAAAAAA you remind me of a west Samsara Luggage Inc. 02/24/2021 10:45:22 AM
JAMN baby. Im recruiting flow to the ask. Jammin Java Corp 02/24/2021 10:38:18 AM
HELLO, IS IT ME YOURE LOOKIN FORRRRR Bayport International Holdings Inc. 02/24/2021 10:36:05 AM
Thats just not true. I provided the short View Systems, Inc. 02/21/2021 12:52:10 PM
Bayport International Holdings is going to be the Bayport International Holdings Inc. 02/21/2021 12:45:29 PM
Bayport International Holdings, Inc. A Colorado Corporation 550 South Federal Bayport International Holdings Inc. 02/20/2021 09:19:28 PM
Check out the SEC filings. The info you Bayport International Holdings Inc. 02/20/2021 02:06:26 PM
just when they think ive gone away. SMACKED. Aluf Holdings Inc. 02/19/2021 02:18:20 PM
So what % of the palazzio do i Bayport International Holdings Inc. 02/19/2021 02:16:05 PM
closed at .0067. daily shows the backtest held Two Hands Corp. 02/18/2021 04:14:44 PM
We most certainly are jammin. Added 1 mil Jammin Java Corp 02/18/2021 02:42:07 PM
Had my first cup of jammin java tonight Jammin Java Corp 02/18/2021 03:26:49 AM
tommy tommy tommy... when are you gonna learn? Samsara Luggage Inc. 02/17/2021 04:08:51 PM
they better soon cause i added 600k shares Jammin Java Corp 02/17/2021 02:33:11 PM
thats strange cause when i went to slap Jammin Java Corp 02/17/2021 08:00:30 AM
Amazes me. I give this out as a Loop Media Inc. 02/16/2021 08:14:59 PM
this weeks candle already backtested and hammered on All For One Media Corp. 02/16/2021 08:05:26 PM
We Jammin..... I wanna jam it with you. Jammin Java Corp 02/16/2021 07:57:36 PM
Guess what the company website is registered on OTCmarkets???? Bayport International Holdings Inc. 02/15/2021 04:57:09 PM
Incase anyone else wanted some more information on Bayport International Holdings Inc. 02/15/2021 12:25:23 PM
Very good one here Sgt. Sharky. Homes flying Extreme Biodiesel, Inc. 02/15/2021 11:51:46 AM
Everytime i clear the ask for 10k shares Verus International Inc. 02/13/2021 10:36:59 AM
Appyea? More like OHHHHH YEAAAAAH Appyea, Inc. 02/13/2021 10:24:52 AM