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Accumulation back up where it was last sept... Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 08/04/2020 10:31:33 AM
They will be kicking themselves when this is Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 08/03/2020 10:15:00 AM
Granted already or waiting ?? GreenChek Technology Inc. (GCHK) 08/03/2020 10:12:37 AM
New custodian GreenChek Technology Inc. (GCHK) 08/03/2020 01:40:37 AM
GCHK LETS GO GreenChek Technology Inc. (GCHK) 07/31/2020 02:34:31 PM
Adding any and all dips b4 record earnings Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/31/2020 12:55:50 AM
https://youtu.be/6cU9MJMgH1w Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/30/2020 04:50:12 AM
https://www.zylotherapeutics.com/ Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/30/2020 04:48:13 AM
https://www.zylotherapeutics.com/ Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/27/2020 01:15:04 PM
Revs coming in here... open your eyes everyone! Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/22/2020 09:27:46 AM
Yuppers lets get it Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/21/2020 08:47:12 AM
Yessir ss is very nice!! No dilution Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/21/2020 02:53:13 AM
Revs gonna be off the charts for gpft Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/20/2020 10:09:56 AM
Better get in b4 news!!! Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/20/2020 09:32:29 AM
TICK TOCK MFKRS Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/20/2020 08:30:37 AM
Head fake was intentional bc this is gonna Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/19/2020 09:58:27 AM
Trading like news monday.. Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/17/2020 03:06:51 PM
Holding up well, buying will come back, next Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/17/2020 11:41:01 AM
WRONG..holders will be rewarded!!! Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/17/2020 11:37:11 AM
Buy dip... the had ither options and didnt Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/15/2020 11:18:12 AM
Yessir we gonna beast here, dont mind the Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/15/2020 08:27:12 AM
Coming off bottom here... up we go Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/15/2020 08:17:08 AM
People will regret missing these prices Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/14/2020 02:35:55 PM
Monster revs incoming here, these levels are gold Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/14/2020 10:07:18 AM
Every other synergy stock is pumping. Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/14/2020 09:16:54 AM
Gpft revs gonna be lit Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/13/2020 09:20:38 AM
Absolutely Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/13/2020 12:56:42 AM
Super stolked for monday!!!! Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/12/2020 01:35:23 PM
Lots of loading on this, pressure building Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/12/2020 01:34:31 PM
Bullish pendant formed on daily, go time Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/12/2020 05:08:50 AM
Channel is tightening.. Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/11/2020 10:37:33 AM
They were otcqb when reverse merger first commenced, Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/10/2020 11:42:17 PM
I think the revs here in a months Grapefruit USA Inc. (GPFT) 07/10/2020 11:13:15 PM
Oh ya mines locked for the imminent move!! Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/10/2020 07:56:52 AM
Two mms have big wall up at 34 Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/09/2020 11:20:45 AM
LET THE GAMES BEGIN, HOLDING AND ADDING HERE Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/08/2020 12:37:31 AM
Stronger every day... crazy if news came tomorrow Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/08/2020 12:36:07 AM
Yes this is a gem and will keep Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/08/2020 12:11:44 AM
Looks like that fake wall is back but Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/07/2020 09:55:25 AM
Slaps like that someone knows something coming and Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/07/2020 09:53:18 AM