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Posts by BrittDogg1981BoardDate/Time
Oh Boy, here we go again! I PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 05/15/2020 12:30:22 PM
And there it is.........another month long delay at PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 12/20/2019 06:52:47 AM
80,000,000 volume right at 9:30am...????????????????????? PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 12/13/2019 09:32:21 AM
I think that is a realistic PPS target PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 11/25/2019 07:53:27 PM
Haha, yep...about right. PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 11/18/2019 03:36:57 PM
I hope and pray that something finally happens PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 11/15/2019 12:50:38 PM
IF, and that is a BIG IF, all PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 11/07/2019 06:40:42 PM
I don’t give two shi*s who “runs” IFLM. Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 10/04/2019 12:22:03 PM
Yeah, this is starting to make me wonder. PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 10/03/2019 05:04:24 PM
I love seeing that kind of stuff from Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 09/21/2019 05:08:04 PM
Pretty happy and surprised that I was able Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 09/20/2019 10:05:28 AM
Hopefully things can move forward now if the Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 09/18/2019 09:58:47 AM
I know dude! Henry keeps saying not PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 09/17/2019 05:48:59 PM
A little bummed that 2,000,000,000 more shares diluted PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 09/17/2019 11:49:37 AM
Oh no...I’m holding 60,000,000 shares. I have PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 09/12/2019 04:25:53 PM
Told myself I was holding tight with my PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 09/10/2019 06:32:55 PM
I was happy with my $.2186 average for HealthLynked Corp (HLYK) 09/06/2019 03:31:57 PM
I love all the activity around PHIL over PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 09/06/2019 03:07:53 PM
I also believe that PHIL will start moving PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/27/2019 01:05:58 PM
Congrats on your shares! PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/20/2019 03:50:33 PM
Yeah, I’m torn. I’m happy to see VNUE Inc. (VNUE) 08/20/2019 03:38:39 PM
I mostly agree on the 100 million shares PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/16/2019 12:44:50 PM
I will keep spreading the word because I PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/16/2019 12:16:15 PM
Doing my daily add here again...lol. PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/16/2019 11:44:51 AM
HECK YEAH!!! Finally had my order fill PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/15/2019 04:09:44 PM
Still can’t get any of my 25,000,000 shares PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/14/2019 09:57:53 AM
Won’t fill any of my orders for $0.0001. PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/13/2019 03:14:04 PM
Let’s hope so...! PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/12/2019 06:01:45 PM
Of course any stock with a value this PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/12/2019 05:15:39 PM
Damnit, can’t get my orders to fill @ PHI Group, Inc (PHIL) 08/06/2019 03:54:28 PM
This is a textbook Pump and Dump. iTokk, Inc. (IKTO) 07/09/2019 04:39:47 PM
LOL just put a large order in at Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/11/2019 10:38:40 AM
I totally agree. Usually when the CEO Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/11/2019 10:19:29 AM
Perfect timing. Added my first 5,000,000 shares Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/07/2019 02:52:32 PM
I believe this is just a pump up. Clean Energy Technologies Inc. (CETY) 06/07/2019 12:17:51 PM
Not sure why the big pullback. I VNUE Inc. (VNUE) 06/05/2019 11:24:30 AM