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Every once in a while I like to Greater Cannabis Company Inc. 08/04/2020 02:06:12 AM
Bet he buys his shares back at .10 Aurora Cannabis Inc. 03/17/2020 07:05:38 PM
Ok, I held question. What was I waiting for? Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc. 03/09/2020 10:33:53 PM
Question for people that follow this stock. What Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc. 03/08/2020 05:36:05 PM
How did this guy know pps was going Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 11/29/2019 03:58:41 AM
I just come by every once in a Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 11/14/2019 11:09:36 AM
Hey!!! Q will be late. Not that you Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 11/14/2019 11:03:18 AM
I smell a write down coming. May as Aurora Cannabis Inc. 11/14/2019 10:46:42 AM
Judging from History I would go with create Bank of America Corp. 08/27/2019 07:52:53 PM
When does this become a good deal International Paper Co. 08/27/2019 07:38:52 PM
I thought all the kiosk were going to Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 08/21/2019 10:02:09 PM
Must be a time to buy Bank of America Corp. 08/20/2019 02:17:53 PM
Yes, I am fine. I am not commenting GL Brands Inc. (fka GRLB) 08/15/2019 01:12:06 AM
Right on the money. You must know some Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 07/01/2019 12:11:41 AM
I would scoop some but I can't afford Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 06/25/2019 11:40:03 PM
Good job on the pps call bro Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 06/25/2019 12:32:04 AM
Tell me again how this pink yield sign Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 06/24/2019 06:56:30 PM
M.S.O.M.N :) GL Brands Inc. (fka GRLB) 06/20/2019 10:08:03 PM
Gapped up to sell off. Constant b.s. on Bank of America Corp. 06/11/2019 03:18:00 AM
Money ran here for a defensive position a McDonalds Corp. 06/11/2019 03:14:47 AM
Probably not. They need money though. Rennova Health Inc. 06/01/2019 12:55:28 PM
100% safe to say this lead the market Rennova Health Inc. 06/01/2019 12:41:43 AM
So, I can finally buy this company for Rennova Health Inc. 06/01/2019 12:40:53 AM
Gap up to sell down much. Skylight Health Group Inc. 06/01/2019 12:27:06 AM
Id like to see those board meeting minutes. GL Brands Inc. (fka GRLB) 05/31/2019 06:46:46 PM
I LOVE this Stock!!!!!!! Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 05/31/2019 01:00:30 PM
Lets get off pinks and toxic lending first. Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 05/31/2019 12:59:43 PM
Slow Clap Progressive Care, Inc. 05/31/2019 11:08:30 AM
I guess it has done jack and $%&*. :) Progressive Care, Inc. 05/31/2019 02:56:36 AM
They will punish first. Storyline in place Bank of America Corp. 05/30/2019 07:04:48 PM
Biggest looser in the bank sector today. Bank of America Corp. 05/30/2019 04:36:06 PM
Funny, hit harder. Usually follows the rest. The Bank of America Corp. 05/30/2019 03:58:34 PM
Ex div in 6 days... Bank of America Corp. 05/30/2019 01:30:44 PM
No way did I think there was Blue Bank of America Corp. 05/29/2019 10:09:45 PM
What are they front running? Bank of America Corp. 05/29/2019 09:25:48 PM
No, I mean in a way that gets Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 05/25/2019 03:00:56 AM
Did this test 06. What a Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 05/24/2019 09:10:12 PM
Gummie Pump Network:) Potnetwork Holdings Inc. 05/24/2019 07:55:56 PM
I cant eat sugar but the old gummie GL Brands Inc. (fka GRLB) 05/24/2019 07:43:15 PM
I will buy more at .05. They will GL Brands Inc. (fka GRLB) 05/24/2019 03:39:35 PM