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Posts by Tryme30BoardDate/Time
Your statements sound as if you work for Technipower Systems, Inc.(fka TECZ) 09/12/2008 06:40:44 PM
I had a feeling they would ask for Technipower Systems, Inc.(fka TECZ) 09/11/2008 08:54:53 PM
I see they're increasing the Common stock to Oilsands Quest Inc (fka OBQI) 09/08/2008 01:21:25 AM
I total agree that oil will go back Oilsands Quest Inc (fka OBQI) 08/05/2008 07:15:14 AM
Why buy this stock when they're positioning for bankruptcy? New Century Energy Corp (NCRE) 08/04/2008 02:20:02 AM
Yes I know that. This is why I Oilsands Quest Inc (fka OBQI) 08/02/2008 10:21:05 PM
OT-Does anyone have any info on PEP.V? Oilsands Quest Inc (fka OBQI) 08/01/2008 08:11:31 AM
This move up could be related to Qualcom Mosaic ImmunoEngineering Inc. (CPMV) 07/24/2008 07:54:53 PM
Save Stockgumshoe to your favorite and visit the Oilsands Quest Inc (fka OBQI) 07/12/2008 05:34:49 PM
ah,thanks. No mention about it. EOM MNP Petroleum Corp. (MNAP) 07/12/2008 05:25:52 PM
I guess it's safe to say,Manas did not MNP Petroleum Corp. (MNAP) 07/11/2008 04:31:31 PM
This stock will trade lower today,based on the New Century Energy Corp (NCRE) 07/09/2008 06:39:42 AM
You one sick pup. You want oil to New Century Energy Corp (NCRE) 07/07/2008 07:37:56 AM
I have not been keeping up with SVM. Silvercorp Metals Inc. (TSX:SVM) 07/01/2008 07:37:41 PM
I buy via Scottrade.com. It's $27.00 to buy Silvercorp Metals Inc. (TSX:SVM) 07/01/2008 07:22:42 PM
No,am out took the money and run. I Silvercorp Metals Inc. (TSX:SVM) 07/01/2008 06:44:41 AM
OT-have you guys seen NCEY.ob lately? Oilsands Quest Inc (fka OBQI) 06/30/2008 07:11:34 PM
This is a sleeper. Buy shares while it's Western GeoPower (WGP.V) 06/24/2008 01:59:34 AM
shorts are smiling on this one. IMO Technipower Systems, Inc.(fka TECZ) 06/21/2008 05:27:57 PM
Those clowns must take us for a bunch Reliant Financial Service Corp. (RFNS) 06/17/2008 05:57:56 AM
U welcome. it's good to share the wealth GRAN TIERRA ENERGY (GTE) 06/13/2008 10:53:30 PM
Over on Yahoo,they were saying Clarmont etf (CLO) Oilsands Quest Inc (fka OBQI) 06/13/2008 10:48:34 PM
Cptcunch,here is the answer. Don't pay for those GRAN TIERRA ENERGY (GTE) 06/13/2008 06:35:00 AM
Hey did u by chance sneak a few Novaccess Global Inc. (XSNX) 06/11/2008 06:32:11 AM
Thanks,couldn't buy much as money not cleared yet Western GeoPower (WGP.V) 05/20/2008 09:42:30 AM
Ah,you are welcome. Just hope I can get Western GeoPower (WGP.V) 05/20/2008 08:59:37 AM
Hmmm,had this in portfolio tracker at Yahoo. This Western GeoPower (WGP.V) 05/20/2008 04:11:01 AM
Something strange happened back in late Nove-Dec when Mosaic ImmunoEngineering Inc. (CPMV) 05/19/2008 06:10:56 AM
I guess their lies caught up with them. Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. (fka SLGLF) 05/19/2008 06:01:51 AM
I like this company better and better everyday, Connacher Oil & Gas Ltd. (TSX:CLL) 05/18/2008 10:06:02 PM
Yes,you are right. This is not some development Connacher Oil & Gas Ltd. (TSX:CLL) 05/17/2008 11:45:17 PM
Company been around for over 25 years. This Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. (fka SLGLF) 05/06/2008 01:00:16 AM
With fuel prices so high,there is no way Cargo Connection Logistics (fka CRGO) 04/28/2008 03:18:33 AM
ED,you can say that again. This company is Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc. (STGZ) 04/28/2008 02:38:00 AM
Never a good sign to release news a Microvision (MVIS) 04/23/2008 11:14:46 PM
There is somehing cooking here. CEO purchase 300K Mosaic ImmunoEngineering Inc. (CPMV) 04/22/2008 12:00:36 PM
Sam,slow down. Ah,u must have been really excited Mosaic ImmunoEngineering Inc. (CPMV) 04/22/2008 05:22:46 AM
I would say a comination of all those Connacher Oil & Gas Ltd. (TSX:CLL) 04/22/2008 05:09:42 AM
Ah,looking nice Connacher Oil & Gas Ltd. (TSX:CLL) 04/21/2008 08:18:29 PM
Man,this co will leave you penniless. Sell your Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. (fka SLGLF) 04/21/2008 04:59:38 PM

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