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Cory Groshek  is founder of ManifestationMachine.com.

Posts by Cory GroshekBoardDate/Time
Urging my fellow eCobalt shareholders to vote NO! eCobalt Solutions Inc. (fka ECSIF) 07/01/2019 05:43:42 PM
Lithium X Responds to Share Price Drop Caused Lithium X (fka LIXXF) 03/02/2018 07:02:35 PM
Bloomberg: Giustra-Backed Lithium X Plunges on Doubts About Lithium X (fka LIXXF) 03/02/2018 07:00:16 PM
Lithium X's Buyer, NextView Capital, "Fails" To Send Lithium X (fka LIXXF) 03/02/2018 06:58:59 PM
If you guys are looking to diversify, regardless Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 02/17/2018 06:32:03 PM
Major insider buying at Lithium Americas reported for Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 02/04/2018 10:20:44 PM
Aaaaaand it's official! Lithium Americas is now the Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 01/25/2018 10:01:32 AM
Breaking News: Lithium Americas raised to "Speculative Buy" Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 01/19/2018 01:02:17 PM
Lithium Americas is generating income through RheoMinerals. Accordingly, Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 01/18/2018 08:41:35 PM
If you were part of FB Lithium Lovers Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 01/18/2018 04:03:11 PM
You don't lose money until you sell. #LessonsLearned Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 01/18/2018 04:01:39 PM
"Oversupply" is a myth. 95% of auto makers Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 01/18/2018 03:49:55 PM
Critical Battery Metals hedge fund launched by Westbeck! Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 01/18/2018 12:44:35 PM
The whole lithium sector is red today. The Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 01/18/2018 11:42:05 AM
Dr Badman, I agree that 12-13 is essentially Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 12/29/2017 10:36:39 AM
Idk about renewed interest, but my Etrade account Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 12/12/2017 10:22:10 PM
My friends, do not invest in Piedmont Lithium Galaxy Resources (GALXF) 11/28/2017 11:13:31 PM
My friends, do not invest in Piedmont Lithium Lithium Americas Corp (TSX:LAC) 11/28/2017 11:07:08 PM
Great site for weekly Lithium News rundown: TheLithiumSpot.com Lithium Americas Corp (TSX:LAC) 11/28/2017 12:20:35 PM
Great site for weekly Lithium News rundown: TheLithiumSpot.com Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 11/28/2017 12:13:41 PM
But you know what? They still have my Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 11/17/2017 10:00:35 AM
I finally got my 17,375 shares of LACDD Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 11/17/2017 09:51:14 AM
Why is it only E-trade with this problem? Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 11/16/2017 11:24:13 AM
IL Padrino, I was told the same thing Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 11/13/2017 10:16:28 AM
Same here, lilqueenie. You and I are in Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 11/10/2017 01:31:49 PM
DCIX surge cannot compare LACDD's, because DCIX's was Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 11/10/2017 01:08:52 PM
Glad to be here, Dr Badman. You are Pilbara Minerals Limited (PILBF) 11/08/2017 01:38:30 PM
Reverse split (consolidation) first, then stock split later? Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 11/05/2017 08:08:01 PM
What is your point, Kekszes? Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 11/05/2017 08:03:41 PM
PILBF's CEO's 'fortuitous' leap from iron to lithium Pilbara Minerals Limited (PILBF) 11/05/2017 03:35:03 PM
JimboSliced, your share numbers were reduced because Western Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 10/24/2017 03:57:51 PM
Tesla Reaches Deal for Shanghai Facility, WSJ Reports Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 10/22/2017 08:01:37 PM
Tesla Reaches Deal for Shanghai Facility, WSJ Reports Galaxy Resources (GALXF) 10/22/2017 08:00:44 PM
Don't play the penny game, RenixWaters; play the Galaxy Resources (GALXF) 10/20/2017 10:58:00 AM
LG Chem to Open European Lithium-ion Battery Factory Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 10/13/2017 01:59:20 PM
Oil giant Shell bets big on electric cars Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 10/12/2017 04:09:57 PM
Lithium Americas: The Hype is Real (new article) Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) 10/06/2017 02:19:11 PM
CONFIRMED: GALXF in discussions with multiple battery suppliers Galaxy Resources (GALXF) 10/04/2017 11:33:59 AM
Despite GALXF saying no deal with Panasonic yet, Galaxy Resources (GALXF) 10/04/2017 11:31:26 AM
Galaxy Resources Denies Signing Lithium Deal With Panasonic Galaxy Resources (GALXF) 10/04/2017 11:29:02 AM

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