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How do you explain $229,758 in revenue and Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (INTK) 09/22/2021 03:53:21 PM
That's some ugly numbers, where are all of Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (INTK) 09/22/2021 02:09:25 PM
Facts are facts, plain and simple Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 09/16/2021 04:45:46 PM
they got divorced Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (INTK) 09/15/2021 02:37:37 PM
Been six weeks since lawyers finished their work, CLST Holdings, Inc. (CLHI) 09/13/2021 06:06:37 PM
Smarter people than them were scammed by this Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 09/13/2021 09:58:42 AM
His lawyer fees with everything going on are Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 09/08/2021 07:33:17 PM
Hawkins and Costello back in charge, lol Biggest Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 09/08/2021 07:30:50 PM
If you’re buying now you’re buying highs, you Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 09/02/2021 10:04:44 PM
Thank you CLST Holdings, Inc. (CLHI) 09/01/2021 11:17:13 AM
For those of us that can't see the CLST Holdings, Inc. (CLHI) 09/01/2021 10:54:00 AM
One day I'm going to log in and CLST Holdings, Inc. (CLHI) 08/19/2021 09:27:31 AM
You're damn right that post has everything to Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/12/2021 03:59:22 PM
This stock sucks and will never do anything, Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/12/2021 07:26:24 AM
I hate everything this guy Costello represents, he’s Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/11/2021 04:44:52 PM
Why are you throwing more money away in Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/11/2021 02:39:57 PM
Can you please repost on the RNWF board, GRN Holding Corp. (GRNF) 08/11/2021 02:33:27 PM
Well said Hempstract Inc. (HPST) 08/11/2021 02:31:22 PM
With all due respect, do some DD, it Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/11/2021 11:34:29 AM
Read the court filings, it’s public knowledge, also Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/10/2021 09:27:30 PM
No but you translate to clueless for buying Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/10/2021 07:59:33 PM
Good Luck with that Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/06/2021 04:00:37 PM
LOL Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/06/2021 03:33:49 PM
Thats what I think, the FBI said it Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/06/2021 02:31:22 PM
This one is a little different, he's being Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/06/2021 10:54:54 AM
You do realize Justin Costello is a 100% Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/06/2021 09:20:15 AM
It will tank, companies are worthless, no assets Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/05/2021 09:51:58 AM
Per the OTC filing from 8/4 Costello owns Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/05/2021 08:38:43 AM
I sold GRNF for a small profit, would Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/04/2021 03:57:20 PM
The FBI has a criminal case against Costello Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 08/04/2021 02:03:58 PM
I would agree CLST Holdings, Inc. (CLHI) 07/29/2021 04:03:27 PM
I also would agree with this assessment, most JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 07/26/2021 10:29:45 AM
Very frustrating JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 07/23/2021 12:35:52 PM
Very true, but may be a very long hold JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 07/23/2021 11:53:32 AM
The pump at the time was real, we JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 07/23/2021 11:39:36 AM
I don't think being scammed either, buying at CLST Holdings, Inc. (CLHI) 07/21/2021 12:14:34 PM
We are so overdue for some news, its ridiculous. CLST Holdings, Inc. (CLHI) 07/20/2021 02:35:11 PM
That's what I tried to do Vet and Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/19/2021 03:51:56 PM
You peeps got a gift on this run, Renewal Fuels, Inc (RNWF) 07/12/2021 02:17:38 PM
I have write offs for the next 25 years JB&ZJMY Holding Company (JBZY) 07/07/2021 03:25:34 PM

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