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Rigamortis Raccoon 

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I really can't believe how much attention this On4 Communications, Inc. (ONCI) 06/13/2019 11:59:48 AM
Lol everyone pumping here is selling. What junk Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 06/06/2019 02:24:05 PM
Pure junk here. I remember a few years Aytu BioScience Inc. (AYTU) 06/03/2019 03:03:57 PM
Right but there has been no permanent gains Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/31/2019 02:25:34 PM
So glad I haven't bought in yet. Just Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/31/2019 12:40:15 PM
BTC $10K by mid July. Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/30/2019 10:40:29 AM
Definitely agree! The BTC run through the Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/26/2019 04:31:51 PM
Also I'd expect BTC to cross and consistently Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/23/2019 08:40:30 PM
Love this huuuuuge dip today. I want to Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/23/2019 08:25:59 PM
But I do agree people can make a Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/22/2019 05:46:09 PM
Fidelity will not let me buy shares. Says Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/21/2019 03:40:55 PM
Liking the dip right now. Looking for my Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/21/2019 11:38:29 AM
I'm excited man. They're always both in Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/18/2019 09:26:35 PM
Where's your response to me? You called Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/18/2019 09:15:47 PM
That would be great. Hopefully it doesnt blast Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/18/2019 09:59:21 AM
Shhhh I want in at 60 something ?? Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/18/2019 02:22:35 AM
It was already $8K this week.... I'll Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/18/2019 02:20:26 AM
Hope this doesn’t blast off till Thursday or Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/14/2019 03:12:00 PM
If Fidelity would clear my damn funds I'd Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/14/2019 01:28:05 PM
I'm scream laughing at this prediction. Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 05/14/2019 01:25:38 PM
Sure looks that way. CEO was supposed Vitality Biopharma Inc. (VBIO) 05/09/2019 11:02:19 AM
Big tech has had AR for years already. Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 05/06/2019 01:16:16 PM
This company is competing against Facebook, Snapchat, and Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/29/2019 01:47:13 PM
Snapchat has had this tech for 2 years, Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/25/2019 04:51:30 PM
I hope it does for everyone. I'm not Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/23/2019 05:31:26 PM
Heard that man. Good luck! Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/23/2019 05:00:11 PM
In that case you're right. Thought you meant Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/23/2019 04:57:40 PM
Mondays price .0012 Your price .025 .025 - .0012 _________ Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/23/2019 04:53:22 PM
A 2,000% gain in 4 days? I love Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/23/2019 04:35:34 PM
Really really kicking myself I didn't get in Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/23/2019 04:10:22 PM
Read about them last night. I think it's Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/22/2019 11:29:13 AM
Judging by the people I see posting here Tautachrome Inc. (TTCM) 04/22/2019 11:21:34 AM
Everyone was always roasting you on this board CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 02/25/2019 06:30:52 PM
I am absolutely kicking myself I didn't get Inspyr Therapeutics Inc. (NSPX) 02/12/2019 03:27:27 PM
I just scream laughed reading this. CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 02/12/2019 03:26:04 PM
Agreed. I sold for a loss and relinquished CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 02/06/2019 01:56:36 PM
Good morning fellow bag holders. Over the CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 02/01/2019 09:44:10 AM
CBD can cure or treat alot of medical CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 01/30/2019 01:32:20 PM
GL to you Double the price it's at now CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 01/29/2019 12:45:41 PM
Sure is quiet around here with all the CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 01/29/2019 12:44:04 PM