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Posts by northernwind2021BoardDate/Time
Quit selling to the MMs! Don’t let them PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/16/2021 10:18:40 AM
Today was simply a bring it down MM PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/16/2021 12:05:14 AM
MMs up to no good at this moment. PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 02:49:03 PM
Yes we will. Djk etc. all deserving of PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 02:45:47 PM
Totally ridiculous to sell any right now unless PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 02:25:39 PM
Buy on this dip. Most likely going back PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 12:28:59 PM
Weak hands will lose out. Big picture...going way PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 12:10:10 PM
PHIL will be there too. The share price PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 11:29:48 AM
That's GREAT NEWS!!! Thanks for posting! I can PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 09:31:02 AM
Thanks for spreading the word. Good for them! PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 09:26:43 AM
When PHIL is current soon the share price PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 08:30:58 AM
Thanks for bringing new eyes to PHIL! PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/15/2021 07:58:11 AM
Slap the Ask hard until close! This will PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 03:36:00 PM
Yes. Thanks Djk and everyone else with their PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 02:54:38 PM
Henry is very FAITHful to his Shareholders! PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 02:32:23 PM
Shareholders first of many pennies!!!!!!! PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 02:01:05 PM
I do as well now. PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 08:54:26 AM
I now see .0080 bid .0085 ask PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 08:39:03 AM
Nothing is saying it can't get over .02 PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 01:43:16 AM
There has been major speculation that PHIL has PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 01:39:06 AM
No I don't. Sorry. I looked up Share PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 01:16:42 AM
Over time the OS has increased to just PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 12:59:46 AM
Thanks again for everyone's DD! That's why this PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 12:30:03 AM
I found this... PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 12:22:48 AM
Excellent spreading the word! Thanks PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 12:18:38 AM
Yes. See you there! PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 12:11:55 AM
That's great. Thanks for asking. PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/14/2021 12:06:28 AM
Unfortunately I don't have accounts but if anyone PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/13/2021 11:10:07 PM
I would think that's the case. I found this... PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/13/2021 10:53:15 PM
Excellent DD everyone!!! PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/13/2021 09:13:55 PM
Fantastic!! More eyes watching means more investors will PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/13/2021 08:34:53 PM
Please let me know if I’m wrong, but PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/13/2021 06:35:17 PM
I can’t wait for Monday opening and trading PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/13/2021 05:56:27 PM
Good move!! PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/13/2021 05:54:10 PM
I agree. Microcap daily and others are taking PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/13/2021 05:42:44 PM
Anyone who doesn't believe the billions of shares PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/13/2021 05:08:11 PM
Thanks for all your DD! PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/12/2021 09:08:20 PM
Good for you!!! Congrats. You're not the only PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/12/2021 08:19:36 PM
Excellent DD gemmerling! Has all the info needed PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/12/2021 08:13:49 PM
I agree. Jhopdog, it's still great news, even PHI Group Inc. (PHIL) 06/12/2021 08:08:49 PM

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