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Posts by herbied47BoardDate/Time
I think it will go down more. PLUS Therapeutics (PSTV) 11/05/2019 12:58:22 PM
Oversold Cool Holdings Inc. (AWSM) 10/09/2019 01:11:00 PM
Just got off a conference call with Blake Summit Midstream Parnters (SMLP) 08/21/2019 03:46:28 PM
Holding above 50 day moving average nicely here Summit Midstream Parnters (SMLP) 07/24/2019 11:18:49 AM
https://seekingalpha.com/article/4269208-summit-midstream-trouble-investment-opp Summit Midstream Parnters (SMLP) 06/10/2019 01:25:26 PM
https://coinglobalist.com/are-analysts-bullish-summit-midstream-partners-lp-nyse Summit Midstream Parnters (SMLP) 06/10/2019 01:23:39 PM
Buy all you can here! You will kick Summit Midstream Parnters (SMLP) 05/23/2019 11:52:17 AM
Added more! This goes back to a buck Pioneer Energy Services Corp. (PESX) 05/23/2019 11:50:09 AM
https://otcshortreport.com/company/DGTW?index=AXXE&action=view DigitalTown, Inc. (DGTW) 05/22/2019 12:49:09 PM
Dirt Cheap!! Summit Midstream Parnters (SMLP) 05/02/2019 01:53:51 PM
This puppy will have it's day! Just a Bantek Inc. (BANT) 04/25/2019 12:56:29 PM
At least briefly...will stay tuned Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 04/25/2019 12:49:38 PM
Just seeing the bid more then the ask. Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 04/25/2019 12:48:37 PM
Bring a pr and let's have some movement Bantek Inc. (BANT) 04/24/2019 12:05:18 PM
One PR. Sneeze or something and tell us Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 04/24/2019 12:00:44 PM
Bring on a business pr now and do Bantek Inc. (BANT) 04/22/2019 12:35:54 PM
This will get a PR one of these Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 04/17/2019 10:48:14 AM
It will pop soon enough! Just hang on! Bantek Inc. (BANT) 04/17/2019 10:44:55 AM
Back in small position .0003. Might as well...God Bantek Inc. (BANT) 04/12/2019 03:08:29 PM
Also, it's fun just hoping, and really with Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 04/05/2019 11:03:19 AM
Oh wouldn't that be nice. PR of some Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 04/05/2019 10:55:11 AM
Yeah I will hope with ya! Maybe we Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 04/04/2019 11:59:19 AM
Going to fill the gap to $2 AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AVEO) 04/02/2019 01:42:39 PM
Wow! Nice move. Like to see some of Allied Security Innovations, Inc. (ADSV) 03/27/2019 12:13:13 PM
TURN THOSE MACHINES BACK ON!!! Classic line from Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 03/27/2019 11:42:20 AM
Not exactly blowout volume today huh? lol Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 03/26/2019 10:24:48 AM
Bullish Tweezer Chart. Headed back to 18 bucks soon. Realogy Holdings Corp (RLGY) 03/22/2019 02:04:23 PM
Oh well. I like toast so it's okay. Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 03/22/2019 01:43:27 PM
No bid stocks can still be 10-baggers based Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 03/19/2019 02:22:27 PM
The products have potential and could snag someone/company Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 03/13/2019 11:21:36 AM
Name two. Hey, this is fun. Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 03/13/2019 10:37:57 AM
"unless additional financing is obtained" makes this strangely Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 03/13/2019 10:18:26 AM
Just need a pr to see a pump Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 03/07/2019 02:23:45 AM
RLGY hitting record lows. This has been overdone Realogy Holdings Corp (RLGY) 03/07/2019 02:16:27 AM
Hard bounce soon on this one. Oncolix Inc. (ONCX) 02/26/2019 01:16:48 PM
I'm out. Been in for months. If it Bantek Inc. (BANT) 02/01/2019 11:56:35 AM
Keep in mind the new CEO is going Bantek Inc. (BANT) 01/30/2019 02:28:19 PM
Time this one saddled up and make a Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 01/29/2019 02:19:24 PM
This one due another run! Bantek Inc. (BANT) 01/29/2019 02:16:21 PM
Pitiful volume Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (BGFT) 01/15/2019 01:56:14 PM