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Posts by newlevel87BoardDate/Time
If it ever hits a penny can you Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/23/2020 11:38:56 PM
I’m short sighted I want to see .002 first 2050 Motors Inc. (ETFM) 10/23/2020 04:08:14 PM
Was hearing that from everyone about the 12k Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/22/2020 05:38:41 PM
Hope it breaks 14k Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/22/2020 04:19:59 PM
Lol oh that’s the problem let’s go Texans: / Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/21/2020 02:53:17 PM
Sucks for the Boston person that dumped .0008s Monday Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/21/2020 10:59:17 AM
$12,000 Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/20/2020 09:10:44 PM
Lol Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/20/2020 07:14:38 PM
I’m hopin for a retirement lol Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/20/2020 03:35:14 PM
If only could follow the rise of bitcoin price Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/19/2020 10:12:56 PM
Hopefully this gets a cocaine drip tomorrow and runs 2050 Motors Inc. (ETFM) 10/19/2020 09:59:36 PM
Where did you bust him at? Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/19/2020 03:45:17 PM
Horrible trading here today 2050 Motors Inc. (ETFM) 10/19/2020 03:44:37 PM
Glad we know was wack crazy at .0008. Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/19/2020 02:51:13 PM
Lol Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/19/2020 02:42:51 PM
Guys just constantly reload 9s Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/19/2020 11:33:38 AM
So did they miss the deadline? Global Tech Ltd (GTLL) 10/15/2020 09:55:12 PM
When at least we can’t go any lower lol Global Tech Ltd (GTLL) 10/14/2020 09:42:54 PM
Yes another huge ask at 9... I love Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/14/2020 10:03:28 AM
Well got my 1s :( lol Global Tech Ltd (GTLL) 10/13/2020 02:44:59 PM
You Did a really good job the last time. Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/12/2020 04:52:47 PM
Might buy more 3s tomorrow. Add to the stash DigitalTown, Inc. (DGTW) 10/11/2020 05:37:40 PM
On one had you say the 2019 financials Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/11/2020 03:54:05 PM
Guess I will bid some 1s Global Tech Ltd (GTLL) 10/08/2020 10:21:10 PM
Pretty much sums it up I hate to Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/07/2020 09:19:02 PM
Another green day Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/07/2020 10:06:53 AM
Yes another Green Day.... wait my bad. This Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/06/2020 10:09:28 PM
Lazar forgot about this micro float play Trinity Capital Partners, Inc. (TCPP) 10/04/2020 06:33:51 PM
;) Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/02/2020 06:27:57 PM
I agree. It’s rather disappointing, seen way crappier Coin Citadel (CCTL) 10/01/2020 07:06:20 PM
Turned oogly here real quick Global Tech Ltd (GTLL) 09/30/2020 09:21:50 PM
Yea I hear you. I will go back Coin Citadel (CCTL) 09/30/2020 09:03:26 PM
And that’s y we don’t move. To many Coin Citadel (CCTL) 09/30/2020 06:27:07 PM
Trading here sucks Coin Citadel (CCTL) 09/30/2020 03:37:51 PM
Yea we closed up 1 tick from Friday’s close... Coin Citadel (CCTL) 09/28/2020 04:01:23 PM
Tweeter huh Coin Citadel (CCTL) 09/28/2020 10:47:35 AM
So we got coins or not? I see Coin Citadel (CCTL) 09/26/2020 09:24:44 PM
Lol Coin Citadel (CCTL) 09/24/2020 07:21:19 PM
Cctl will do it to you Coin Citadel (CCTL) 09/24/2020 04:38:36 PM
Looking mighty turdish, I won’t front. Seems like Global Tech Ltd (GTLL) 09/24/2020 03:40:33 PM

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