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Posts by pennyfinderBoardDate/Time
I got in too early at .74, missed The Green Organic Dutchman Hlds (TGODF) 11/19/2019 12:29:36 PM
Double that Camber Energy, Inc. (CEI) 11/14/2019 04:01:59 PM
Wat a Fukin disaster The Green Organic Dutchman Hlds (TGODF) 11/14/2019 10:12:26 AM
Left so much money on the table. This FuelCell Energy Inc. (FCEL) 11/12/2019 05:28:56 PM
Is it halted? Bionanao Genomics Inc (BNGO) 11/07/2019 04:16:34 PM
Yes I’ll be taking trips to Bahamas with Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 11/07/2019 02:24:45 PM
8k out Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 11/07/2019 02:01:11 PM
I think my average was around .0110 or something Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd. (ALPP) 11/04/2019 11:25:41 PM
Yeah I did. About $25k. But I could Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd. (ALPP) 11/04/2019 08:30:16 PM
I’m glad you stuck around through the tough Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd. (ALPP) 11/04/2019 08:01:02 PM
Can’t believe I sold 1.7M shares at .0240 Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd. (ALPP) 11/04/2019 07:59:28 PM
Got some shares on bargain today! InterActive Leisure Systems, Inc. (IALS) 11/04/2019 02:35:34 PM
Does anyone think Conrad is dead? Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 10/25/2019 06:17:35 PM
Yo the offering closed on October 23rd. Bionanao Genomics Inc (BNGO) 10/24/2019 09:57:15 PM
Please god do not let them do an TrovaGene, Inc. (TROV) 10/24/2019 06:51:02 PM
1.27 the magic number to break Bionanao Genomics Inc (BNGO) 10/24/2019 08:57:51 AM
Big institutions might have scooped up those shares. Bionanao Genomics Inc (BNGO) 10/22/2019 06:10:16 PM
Offering news AH. Always happens with BIOs TrovaGene, Inc. (TROV) 10/22/2019 01:25:35 PM
Did you get in touch with them? Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 10/22/2019 12:47:05 PM
Watch for 13g filing AH Bionanao Genomics Inc (BNGO) 10/22/2019 12:35:16 PM
Something’s up here! Follow the money and volume! Bionanao Genomics Inc (BNGO) 10/18/2019 07:20:59 PM
Where are these shares coming from??? Float is Bionanao Genomics Inc (BNGO) 10/18/2019 03:09:10 PM
How is trading above the current float with Bionanao Genomics Inc (BNGO) 10/18/2019 10:53:26 AM
3M increase in O/S, restricted stays the same. Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 10/16/2019 08:36:52 AM
Never seen them halt on the way down... NF Energy Saving Corporation (BIMI) 10/15/2019 11:49:17 AM
Depends on how much they offer to pay The Green Organic Dutchman Hlds (TGODF) 10/15/2019 09:39:21 AM
APH*A posted positive earnings. The Green Organic Dutchman Hlds (TGODF) 10/15/2019 09:24:07 AM
Gapping! $TGODF The Green Organic Dutchman Hlds (TGODF) 10/15/2019 09:20:41 AM
This needs to run like $B*IM*I on financing deal! The Green Organic Dutchman Hlds (TGODF) 10/14/2019 02:34:32 PM
Loading the boat in the .80s today! The Green Organic Dutchman Hlds (TGODF) 10/14/2019 11:46:56 AM
I tried clicking on the filing image, but Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 10/09/2019 01:08:25 PM
https://esos.nv.gov/EntitySearch/OnlineEntitySearch Search for leaf of life hol Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 10/09/2019 12:55:42 PM
Let me load a milly at .0050s please. Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 10/09/2019 09:11:09 AM
Reply from who? Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 10/08/2019 03:00:26 PM
This one? https://youtu.be/r6e6p5QATcY Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/07/2019 11:16:05 PM
1.2M t-trade. What a POS. Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 10/07/2019 05:55:26 PM
Bought a few today.. $FNMA Fannie Mae (FNMA) 10/07/2019 02:33:46 PM
There’s gonna be a lot of small size Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 10/07/2019 11:08:07 AM
@grassrootsadvry United Energy Corp. (UNRG) 10/06/2019 11:31:50 PM
All newbies to this board, watch this video United Energy Corp. (UNRG) 10/06/2019 09:59:22 PM