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This news is significant. ConEdison and Tesla. Ozop Energy Solutions Inc. (OZSC) 03/11/2021 02:09:36 PM
Must hold swing. Congrats to anyone lucky enough Healthier Choices Mgmt. Corp. (HCMC) 02/01/2021 12:58:26 PM
Chart looks like it is about to blow Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (ADMP) 01/20/2021 02:30:01 PM
Why is this moving? Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 01/06/2021 01:48:45 PM
Why the sell off? Any news? Triad Pro Innovators, Inc. (TPII) 01/05/2021 02:47:10 PM
Great looking chart. Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 12/23/2020 01:59:49 PM
Superior storage to lead and lithium. News coming... Triad Pro Innovators, Inc. (TPII) 12/23/2020 01:58:19 PM
Beast mode. News is huge!! Already taken profits Ocugen, Inc (OCGN) 12/22/2020 11:25:21 AM
https://www.benzinga.com/news/20/12/18799107/geovax-ceo-earlier-on-fox-business- GeoVax Labs Inc. (GOVX) 12/15/2020 04:24:51 PM
All about the timing. Just the beginning. Shooting Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 12/11/2020 04:27:03 PM
Started short position today. Valued higher than all Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 12/11/2020 04:13:09 PM
TRTC is all of a sudden sitting on Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 12/11/2020 09:57:26 AM
Load the boat! Good Luck Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 12/10/2020 05:20:18 PM
Loading up on companies 2 million share interest Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 12/10/2020 03:18:59 PM
Agree This is a great set up. Will be Ameri Holdings Inc. (AMRH) 11/28/2020 11:17:50 AM
Took a starter. Good time to be paying attention.GL Esports Entertainment Group Inc. (GMBL) 11/03/2020 01:42:57 PM
Can't remember the exact numbers but made made Old Copper Co. Inc. (f/k/a CPPRQ/JCPNQ JC Penney) 11/02/2020 11:17:33 AM
Future prospects for this company very strong as Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 11/02/2020 10:01:11 AM
JCP Where America shops for value...or was that Old Copper Co. Inc. (f/k/a CPPRQ/JCPNQ JC Penney) 11/02/2020 09:57:23 AM
Good time to pay attention. Huge dip AH Sio Gene Therapies Inc (SIOX) 10/29/2020 06:10:16 PM
Buying the dip. Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 10/28/2020 12:19:33 PM
Buying this dip. Demand coming for low carbon nickel Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 10/26/2020 03:35:06 PM
Taking a starter. Sweet spot on the chart 22nd Century Group (XXII) 10/14/2020 01:56:47 PM
Micro-fulfillment centers are the next wave of brick Old Copper Co. Inc. (f/k/a CPPRQ/JCPNQ JC Penney) 10/14/2020 09:14:29 AM
Agreed. In with you on this one.Huge news. Novan Inc (NOVN) 10/14/2020 09:11:21 AM
Building momentum. Decent short interest last few Ra Medical Systems, Inc. (RMED) 09/29/2020 11:51:48 PM
Thank You for the great post. Some people Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 09/28/2020 11:43:10 PM
Yes, good one. Perfect storm with Tesla aggressively Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 09/28/2020 03:54:24 PM
HNCKF Good Luck! Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 09/28/2020 03:50:34 PM
Back in this one. Piedmont Lithium blowing up Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 09/28/2020 09:44:26 AM
Elon definitely hinted at what exactly this company Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 09/22/2020 05:53:09 PM
Yes, this was a good one. Already took NANO-X IMAGING LTD (NNOX) 09/22/2020 02:43:44 PM
Yes ZR!! Ride or Die time! Very Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 09/22/2020 02:41:38 PM
Great set up. Chart curling at the moment. IZEA Inc. (IZEA) 09/22/2020 12:42:02 PM
Shorts getting plenty of time to take profits. NANO-X IMAGING LTD (NNOX) 09/21/2020 03:32:46 PM
Multiple catalyst this week. Will correct. Buy the fear. NANO-X IMAGING LTD (NNOX) 09/21/2020 10:02:13 AM
Rueters sticking to the script. Will hold into Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 09/21/2020 09:58:22 AM
Taking a starter. Will be heating up this week. Acreage Holdings Inc. (Class D) (ACRDF) 09/21/2020 09:56:10 AM
Strong AH. Just heating up. GL Switchback Energy Acquisition Corporation (SBE) 09/19/2020 01:27:02 PM
Elon Musk is holding his cards close to Giga Metals Corp (HNCKF) 09/18/2020 03:32:37 PM

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