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ThoughtPower  Turning green into gold.

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why change your mind so quickly? :) Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/17/2019 12:34:28 PM
exactly. Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/17/2019 12:33:11 PM
had more on bid though... we'll see Urban Barns Foods Inc. (URBF) 07/17/2019 12:32:39 PM
that's me :) Urban Barns Foods Inc. (URBF) 07/17/2019 12:32:26 PM
Huh? look at the max chart... no where Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/17/2019 12:11:14 PM
then also please post something more than speculation Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/17/2019 12:07:10 PM
yep, same here... updated SS should mean something. Urban Barns Foods Inc. (URBF) 07/17/2019 10:13:05 AM
Hahah nice hit, maybe they they are shorting Ive Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/17/2019 09:04:41 AM
Likely fell through if it’s that old. Urban Barns Foods Inc. (URBF) 07/17/2019 09:03:22 AM
Totally agree with that! Legal crap can be delayed Trend Exploration, Inc (TRDX) 07/17/2019 09:02:35 AM
Thanks man, here to help. There’s always risk involved, Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/17/2019 09:00:53 AM
Let's do it! nothing like a fat Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/16/2019 11:16:20 PM
never know man... but considering how many filings Trend Exploration, Inc (TRDX) 07/16/2019 11:06:44 PM
With you my friend... Been a bit distracted, Urban Barns Foods Inc. (URBF) 07/16/2019 11:05:01 PM
well, short term, within in the month, I Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/16/2019 11:04:04 PM
With you on that. Think we see a Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/16/2019 02:27:32 PM
Indeed. I think the motion caught people off guard... Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/15/2019 11:54:06 PM
Building my 2s Gold and Gemstone Mining, Inc. (GGSM) 07/15/2019 11:52:56 PM
Yup Trend Exploration, Inc (TRDX) 07/15/2019 05:30:59 PM
Consolidating. One month or less, we’ll be at .005 Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/15/2019 04:25:57 PM
geeeeez, up and down we go Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/15/2019 12:32:24 PM
got a few nibbles adding to my kids Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/15/2019 10:52:54 AM
Thinnest L2 has ever been. Trend Exploration, Inc (TRDX) 07/15/2019 10:23:22 AM
nice smacks here Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/15/2019 10:03:56 AM
yup, patience and accumulation here Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/15/2019 09:47:42 AM
old holders likely getting out, not knowing that Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/15/2019 09:45:47 AM
yep, never know, get the right mix, and Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/15/2019 09:14:02 AM
Indeed, here's to a good start to it! Trend Exploration, Inc (TRDX) 07/15/2019 08:45:53 AM
Big week ahead??! Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/14/2019 10:16:50 PM
PFMS. New Lazar play, check it out. The Shaz Lounge 07/14/2019 10:03:16 PM
we've got some loading until August... be patient Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/14/2019 08:12:57 PM
Yep, exactly what happens with shells. Good point Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/14/2019 08:59:10 AM
Join the party, run it up! Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/13/2019 11:34:32 PM
There will be, but next month. Motion has Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/13/2019 02:31:59 PM
Got a nice pile with long term gains Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/12/2019 05:13:45 PM
BOOM GREEN Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 07/12/2019 04:05:32 PM
:) happy weekend all! Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/12/2019 04:03:21 PM
was thinking the same thing.... 70 Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/12/2019 03:56:29 PM
$5 sounds pretty good. Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/12/2019 03:53:41 PM
tap, tap, tap!!!!! Solei Systems Inc. (SOLI) 07/12/2019 03:46:42 PM