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Posts by cjmeyerBoardDate/Time
Bagholders always last to admit defeat. Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 01/31/2018 12:08:35 PM
SMART people left this SCAM 2 years ago Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 01/31/2018 10:44:11 AM
Typical OTC SCAM. Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 01/17/2018 04:32:46 PM
R/S.Rositano Stocks all end like this.It's how they roll! Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 01/17/2018 04:30:02 PM
Tanking today.Looks like another rough patch for these guys Dean Foods Co. (DFODQ) 01/12/2018 01:48:15 PM
Over 100 MILLION shares DUMPED today in this Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 01/11/2018 08:39:30 PM
Even the paint jobs can't fool people this Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 01/11/2018 02:32:07 PM
Not a Wolfie pump.He frontloads and is the Quantum Cobalt Corp. (BRVVF) 01/11/2018 02:29:16 PM
DEAD SHELL SCAM! Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 01/10/2018 08:52:52 PM
Another failed Wolfpack P&D Quantum Cobalt Corp. (BRVVF) 01/10/2018 08:50:08 PM
SMART people left holding the bag in this SCAM. Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 01/09/2018 08:28:57 PM
R/S on the way Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 01/09/2018 11:53:02 AM
SMART PEOPLE have been DUMPING for over a year. Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 01/08/2018 11:10:36 PM
Another SUBBIE SCAM back down in the toilet. Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 01/08/2018 01:38:00 PM
Wolfy promoted the stock this morning.Probably front loaded Sanara MedTech Inc. (SMTI) 01/04/2018 03:54:07 PM
This SCAM is right where it belongs at NO-BID. Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 01/04/2018 03:00:23 PM
Wouldn't want to be the one stuck with Sanara MedTech Inc. (SMTI) 01/04/2018 11:02:26 AM
Sounds like matter for the authorities to investigate.Nothing Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 01/02/2018 08:39:43 PM
SMART people have been DUMPING this POS for Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 12/18/2017 11:10:18 AM
This SCAM has been Dead since 2011! Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 12/18/2017 11:06:23 AM
Another DEAD shell ticker that is right where Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 12/15/2017 03:04:10 PM
Lights off since 2011 for this DEAD shell. Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 12/11/2017 02:49:01 PM
R/S coming.We have heard it and seen it Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 12/11/2017 02:45:25 PM
This SCAM is right where it belongs at Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 12/08/2017 04:17:11 PM
Been DEAD since .03 as converters have DUMPED.R/S Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 12/08/2017 12:18:03 PM
Almost 15 BILLION A/S in this DEAD SHELL.Plenty Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 12/08/2017 11:13:35 AM
R/S due soon.Converters have been DUMPING since .03.Nothing Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 12/07/2017 01:52:01 PM
BILLIONS of shares left to DUMP in this Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 12/07/2017 11:30:06 AM
Wolfpack Pump and Dump this morning. FAR RESOURCES LTD (FRRSF) 12/07/2017 11:26:52 AM
BILLIONS of shares left to DUMP in this SCAM. Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 12/07/2017 11:24:36 AM
SMART money has been ditching this turd since Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 12/06/2017 09:40:43 PM
DEAD SHELL since 2011.Nothing here but BILLIONS of Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 12/06/2017 11:35:22 AM
SMART people DUMPED this trash at .03.Been on Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 12/05/2017 08:19:48 PM
BILLIONS of shares left to DUMP in this SCAM. Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 12/05/2017 03:06:18 PM
Nothing but a burnt out SHELL since 2011.Lights Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 12/05/2017 03:03:19 PM
Would of been a fun ride up. Quantum Cobalt Corp. (BRVVF) 12/04/2017 01:45:12 PM
DEAD shell since 2011.Nothing but a SCAM Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 12/04/2017 11:44:39 AM
Wolfpack Pump and Dump in progress today.Looks more Quantum Cobalt Corp. (BRVVF) 12/04/2017 11:41:30 AM
Nothing here but a DEAD SHELL since 2011 Global Techs Ltd (GTLL) 11/30/2017 01:26:19 PM
R/S on the way.Current share structure doesn't cover Friendable Inc. (FDBL) 11/30/2017 12:06:30 PM