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Posts by airahimBoardDate/Time
Looks like it. But no news pumping it Taronis Technologies (TRNX) 07/03/2019 10:29:08 AM
Break out is coming. Chart is looking like ContraVir Pharmaceutcals (CTRV) 06/21/2019 09:20:54 AM
Easy $10 plus here. An article pushed it ContraVir Pharmaceutcals (CTRV) 06/21/2019 07:54:08 AM
Today it will close above .50 This stock moves Histogenics Corporation (HSGX) 06/13/2019 10:34:32 AM
This is the bottom Mustang Bio (MBIO) 04/18/2019 10:09:57 AM
Pump and dump scheme is activated. Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 04/18/2019 09:49:54 AM
Will hit .05 today and move up further Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 04/17/2019 10:28:52 AM
It should def run with the big deal Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (REXN) 04/16/2019 09:09:20 AM
This has a lot more room to move Vital Therapies, Inc. (VTL) 04/12/2019 12:05:33 PM
I’m hearing news about a buyout coming. Any HealthWarehouse.com, Inc. (HEWA) 03/26/2019 09:50:38 AM
This is going to run for the entire Unique Foods Corporation (UPZS) 03/19/2019 11:29:30 AM
Cancer drug approval. Opening above $10 tomorrow!! Atossa Genetics, Inc. (ATOS) 03/14/2019 09:26:37 PM
This is how the market works my friend. Atossa Genetics, Inc. (ATOS) 03/14/2019 07:17:41 PM
Guessing u didn’t make money and have fomo? Atossa Genetics, Inc. (ATOS) 03/14/2019 04:28:19 PM
Going up. This is going to open at Atossa Genetics, Inc. (ATOS) 03/14/2019 04:20:54 PM
This is going to sky rocket!!! Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp (TNXP) 03/08/2019 09:21:51 AM
Buy the hype, sell the news. Out with Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 03/04/2019 01:51:13 PM
Well he’s talking about long term. 2nd leg Fannie Mae (FNMA) 01/18/2019 01:14:08 PM
Don’t be stupid, common shareholders might be wiped Fannie Mae (FNMA) 01/18/2019 01:11:03 PM
Not true. Did go down 20% before going Microbot Medical, Inc. (MBOT) 01/15/2019 02:22:09 PM
Power hour coming. Get ready for new highs Kitov Pharmaceuticals Hldgs L Sponsored ADR (KTOV) 01/15/2019 02:10:38 PM
Dump is here guys!! Get out!! Told ya!! Microbot Medical, Inc. (MBOT) 01/15/2019 08:03:36 AM
The dump is coming!! Microbot Medical, Inc. (MBOT) 01/15/2019 07:32:36 AM
Hype will be over in the am and Microbot Medical, Inc. (MBOT) 01/14/2019 06:08:45 PM
Take it from a experienced trader and sell. Microbot Medical, Inc. (MBOT) 01/14/2019 05:53:23 PM
Monster here building for a push to $5. vTv Therapeutics (VTVT) 12/31/2018 10:50:17 AM
Going up, and not coming down. Super duper vTv Therapeutics (VTVT) 12/28/2018 10:29:56 AM
On December 27, 2018, vTv Therapeutics Inc. (the vTv Therapeutics (VTVT) 12/28/2018 09:59:06 AM
That opinion isn’t realistic. This stock has no Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 12/20/2018 01:24:41 PM
Save your money folks. This going down even Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 12/20/2018 10:00:58 AM
Too many damn shorts holding this back. It Arsanis, Inc. (Asns) 12/18/2018 02:02:40 PM
This is a pos stock, I will never Veritone Inc. (VERI) 12/10/2018 10:08:54 AM
Something is brewing here, volume is higher than ONCTERNAL THERAPEUTICS, INC (ONCT) 11/30/2018 11:48:48 AM
Guarantee to make money with this. Just look Arsanis, Inc. (Asns) 11/30/2018 09:36:01 AM
Very thin to 4’s. After that, no one Kali Inc. (KALY) 10/29/2018 02:15:18 PM
They are both 2 seaters, one is 1 Electrameccanica Vehicles Corporation (SOLO) 10/29/2018 10:12:03 AM
More expensive one costs $50k Electrameccanica Vehicles Corporation (SOLO) 10/29/2018 10:07:23 AM
What happened to the deal with at&t? Is Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 10/18/2018 10:40:16 AM
You’ve bumped enough. 90% of these stocks u AURIS MEDICAL (EARS) 10/17/2018 09:37:48 AM
Time to go to the moon. Get in AURIS MEDICAL (EARS) 10/16/2018 02:31:52 PM