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Posts by inforthemoney2BoardDate/Time
One good thing about this trade war with Microsoft (MSFT) 10/21/2019 09:58:17 AM
Should be a nice bump in revenue. Like Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 10/16/2019 08:47:38 PM
Very on point.With the edible/bev market coming online Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 10/14/2019 07:50:01 AM
With the uncertainly with vapor products Liberty Health Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 09/29/2019 07:47:52 PM
Weedisgreen.. I don't have PM but I will Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/26/2019 12:23:03 PM
Thanks for posting. Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) 09/24/2019 04:06:16 PM
I agree. If we can continue on the Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/23/2019 03:19:38 PM
WOW check out the new dividends up to Microsoft (MSFT) 09/19/2019 11:48:29 AM
All time Highs..MSFT Microsoft (MSFT) 09/19/2019 10:15:56 AM
Like some others said here. When you put Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/11/2019 08:23:29 PM
Two nice back to back trading days. ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/11/2019 04:19:21 PM
Nice green day today. ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/10/2019 04:35:54 PM
As things pan out in the MJ industry Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/07/2019 10:23:09 AM
Nice to see it close on a positive. ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/06/2019 04:19:44 PM
Nice. Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 09/04/2019 09:11:47 AM
With all of the trade volatility going on Microsoft (MSFT) 09/04/2019 08:06:42 AM
Pre-market looking good. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/04/2019 08:01:11 AM
Agree very nice day. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/03/2019 06:37:32 PM
Nice Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 09/02/2019 04:56:38 PM
I think Quture may still be alive. If Quture International, Inc. (QUTR) 08/25/2019 11:33:08 AM
Great News = a Great Day.. ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 08/06/2019 04:49:56 PM
Money in the bank with all of these Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 08/06/2019 11:30:35 AM
Any news on the Medmen venture with Cronos Cronos Group Inc. (CRON) 08/04/2019 06:39:05 PM
That would be nice if they can acquire Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 08/03/2019 01:41:40 PM
Looks like Canntrust assets are about to be Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 08/03/2019 09:37:50 AM
I agree. ACB is a juggernaut that's cutting Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 08/01/2019 04:48:36 PM
What pump? I don't see any pumping going Microsoft (MSFT) 07/30/2019 08:56:11 PM
Will blow thru 140 by eow imo. Microsoft (MSFT) 07/23/2019 07:50:11 AM
Microsoft earnings jump nearly 50% and more growth Microsoft (MSFT) 07/19/2019 10:36:59 PM
150s and some Microsoft (MSFT) 07/18/2019 08:46:17 PM
Nice earnings for the 4th QTR. Microsoft (MSFT) 07/18/2019 04:14:58 PM
Dell and Microsoft pour millions into A.I. start-ups Microsoft (MSFT) 07/16/2019 09:03:13 PM
I agree should be pushing 200-250 range within Microsoft (MSFT) 07/15/2019 07:29:45 PM
Bull lifts MSFT target before earnings Microsoft (MSFT) 07/15/2019 12:58:19 PM
If pre-market holds looks like new 52 week Microsoft (MSFT) 07/15/2019 07:54:11 AM
Looks like Dec 19 will be a green Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 07/15/2019 07:51:26 AM
That's why I add every month, Current trend Microsoft (MSFT) 07/14/2019 10:16:51 PM
Where Will Aurora Cannabis Be in 5 Years? Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 07/06/2019 09:14:31 AM
A $1,000 Investment in Aurora, Canopy, Cronos, and Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 07/04/2019 10:03:50 AM
This should help ACB revenue stream imo. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 07/04/2019 09:56:59 AM