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Yeah, I agree. Have you heard from Wastech (WTCH) 01/25/2006 09:45:25 PM
Sorry, Straight. I do have a sense Wastech (WTCH) 01/25/2006 09:35:54 PM
Hi, John. Thanks. How's everything? Wastech (WTCH) 01/25/2006 09:33:10 PM
LOL, okay, Straight. I see your pomp Wastech (WTCH) 01/22/2006 06:58:06 PM
Hey, JAAJ, I am unable to pull up Wastech (WTCH) 01/22/2006 06:21:42 PM
To all CVIA/WTCH longs (Are there any others?) Wastech (WTCH) 06/24/2005 12:00:30 AM
John, do you think they're still working on that? Wastech (WTCH) 04/12/2005 01:20:49 PM
rhlittle, great idea to discuss fishing; I have Wastech (WTCH) 02/20/2005 02:02:40 PM
A politically incorrect "Merry Christmas and God Bless Wastech (WTCH) 12/22/2004 01:28:16 PM
Good luck on your new location! Wastech (WTCH) 12/02/2004 08:32:46 PM
Nice to hear from you, John. Frankly, Wastech (WTCH) 12/02/2004 03:57:41 PM
John Green, are you still around? 02...unbelievable. Wastech (WTCH) 11/24/2004 12:59:34 PM
Jack, here's hoping. Eugene, thanks for sharing. Wastech (WTCH) 11/12/2004 02:11:34 PM
Any ideas if management has anything at all Wastech (WTCH) 11/10/2004 09:46:02 PM
Looks like today proved your observation, Jack. Wastech (WTCH) 07/23/2004 06:05:18 PM
LOL, it would be nice to see some Wastech (WTCH) 07/23/2004 03:24:14 PM
ADVERTISEMENT Wastech (WTCH) 07/23/2004 11:08:36 AM
Any explanation of the purpose or direction of Wastech (WTCH) 06/29/2004 01:28:47 PM
It is pitiful that playing politics in our Wastech (WTCH) 05/30/2004 06:24:57 PM
The media drafted...that would certainly change the focus Wastech (WTCH) 05/30/2004 06:09:14 PM
Heartfelt thanks to all who put their lives Wastech (WTCH) 05/30/2004 02:18:55 PM
Tas, I remember you. Good to hear Wastech (WTCH) 05/25/2004 01:20:09 PM
Jack, here's hoping at some point in time Wastech (WTCH) 05/22/2004 10:48:40 PM
Knock, knock. Anybody home? Wastech (WTCH) 05/19/2004 11:40:12 PM
Tul 13 Wastech (WTCH) 05/06/2004 12:47:52 PM
John,good to hear from you. I've missed Wastech (WTCH) 03/14/2004 04:44:45 PM
Also, I know James and Eugene mentioned that Wastech (WTCH) 03/14/2004 03:14:37 PM
Actually, I knew that it is a trade Wastech (WTCH) 03/14/2004 02:46:46 PM
Maybe we have joined a trade association? Wastech (WTCH) 03/13/2004 01:29:14 PM
Rachel, I'm glad to see you're still around. Wastech (WTCH) 02/29/2004 03:07:40 PM
But I ain't no dummy, Straight; I recognize Wastech (WTCH) 02/23/2004 08:00:20 PM
Is Hangin 31 blowing smoke on RB? Wastech (WTCH) 02/23/2004 06:40:19 PM
Anyone care to comment on this convoluted portion Wastech (WTCH) 11/15/2003 02:09:01 AM
Are there specific guidelines for publicly traded companies Wastech (WTCH) 11/10/2003 05:00:29 PM
Hey, ST James, lol. Wastech (WTCH) 11/08/2003 09:38:20 PM
James, what a heart-breaking thing. Some of Wastech (WTCH) 10/07/2003 03:19:35 PM
:) Wastech (WTCH) 09/18/2003 10:00:34 PM
Anyone know what's up with eesv? Wastech (WTCH) 09/18/2003 02:39:26 PM
I'm sure most of you are aware that Wastech (WTCH) 08/24/2003 10:48:13 PM
Rachel, looks like still a little life in Wastech (WTCH) 08/20/2003 11:14:36 PM

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