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VSTR$ Good day today and no bid whacks. Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 03/16/2018 05:10:56 PM
VSTR$ Best get now or regret not having Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 03/16/2018 06:50:08 AM
VSTR Break .009 and this is a runaway Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 03/15/2018 04:43:57 PM
GLDG Nice 8K Golden Global Corp. (GLDG) 03/06/2018 08:36:03 AM
$VSTR Very good time to buy this low Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 02/28/2018 05:34:23 PM
Many new filings been coming lately. Golden Global Corp. (GLDG) 02/28/2018 05:32:28 PM
$VSTR Getting primed for the next leg up Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 02/20/2018 11:58:55 PM
GLDG Well we got an 8k out today. Golden Global Corp. (GLDG) 02/20/2018 11:49:24 PM
$VSTR Nice close and ask slapping the end Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 02/15/2018 04:02:14 PM
$VSTR Lets step it up here a bit. Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 02/15/2018 03:47:27 PM
TXHD Quite impressive Textmunication Holdings Inc. (TXHD) 02/08/2018 01:36:34 PM
VSTR Nobody jumping ship and many holding tight Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 02/08/2018 12:47:37 AM
$VSTR Choice trade much like E-trade and Ameritrade MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 01/31/2018 03:33:12 PM
$VSTR Nice news! FLEX NATION 01/31/2018 03:29:41 PM
$VSTR Primed and ready with no selling and MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 01/31/2018 02:55:33 PM
$VSTR My eye is on VSTR it is STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK 01/31/2018 02:54:11 PM
$VSTR The chart looks AWESOME and ready to Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/31/2018 02:50:08 PM
$VSTR Lets see a better day today and Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/31/2018 09:19:16 AM
VSTR I believe Valuesetters has bigger and better Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/30/2018 02:12:02 AM
VSTR This news to me is an outline Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/29/2018 08:54:42 PM
VSTR Looks fantastic and expecting big things here. $$$$$ Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/26/2018 11:58:27 AM
$VSTR Our time is near and primed and Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/25/2018 11:07:12 AM
$VSTR Major breakout coming and multiple pennies IMO MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 01/25/2018 11:05:20 AM
$VSTR Keep an eye on this ticker and STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK 01/25/2018 11:01:20 AM
$VSTR I feel a major breakout coming and Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/25/2018 10:35:54 AM
$VSTR High of .0093 and nice accumulation going Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/24/2018 09:43:04 PM
VSTR Very strong close and can't wait to Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/24/2018 08:14:23 PM
$VSTR We bust a penny here again soon Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/24/2018 01:04:26 PM
$VSTR Solid buy and only gets better from Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/24/2018 12:32:09 PM
$VSTR Yes the chart is setting up nice Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/24/2018 10:37:50 AM
$VSTR Strong close here today. Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/23/2018 04:51:06 PM
$VSTR Quiet and good day to buy. We Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/22/2018 02:19:29 PM
$VSTR Solid stock buy here IMO $$$$$ Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/22/2018 12:46:57 PM
$VSTR Chart looks ready again for the next Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/22/2018 12:04:50 PM
$VSTR Holding support at .007 for a bottom. Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/22/2018 11:58:30 AM
VSTR Good bid support and news should be Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/19/2018 10:13:59 AM
$VSTR Very thin to .015 VERY THIN! Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/19/2018 10:08:19 AM
$VSTR .0097 and a .01 cent break coming. MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 01/19/2018 09:52:54 AM
$VSTR The .01 cent break is coming. $$$$$ Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/19/2018 09:45:06 AM
$VSTR Move like yesterday and we hit .015ish. Valuesetters Inc. (VSTR) 01/19/2018 09:21:16 AM