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Posts by zoom22BoardDate/Time
Zoom! Zoom! ZOOM!! Monolithic Trading (MONO) 05/23/2019 09:40:58 AM
Excellent News!! Thanks. Just as indicated by MC Patriot One Technologies (PTOTF) 05/23/2019 09:07:10 AM
Bang on! Company's silence to shareholders while shares Freedom Leaf, Inc. (FRLF) 05/16/2019 10:19:40 PM
Great question. I missed that. Is it typical Emerald Bioscience Inc. (EMBI) 03/26/2019 04:28:38 PM
My average is .30. Was going to average Emerald Bioscience Inc. (EMBI) 03/26/2019 04:14:24 PM
Very Interesting!! Thank-you. Do you, or anyone on Emerald Bioscience Inc. (EMBI) 03/26/2019 04:11:22 PM
Absolutely brilliant!! What's going on?! Something is up Emerald Bioscience Inc. (EMBI) 03/26/2019 03:56:55 PM
Hey Mono, Monolithic Trading (MONO) 12/19/2018 09:19:44 AM
Nice call so far. Yes, really reassuring and Covalon Technology Limited (TSXV:COV) 12/18/2018 09:20:31 AM
To Paraphrase what I just heard along the Covalon Technology Limited (TSXV:COV) 12/18/2018 09:14:12 AM
Nice unexpected surprise this morning! Happy Halloween board Freedom Leaf, Inc. (FRLF) 10/31/2018 10:29:07 AM
trading restarted Namaste Technologies Inc. (NXTTF) 10/16/2018 10:07:12 AM
Namaste N.V shows halted. Namaste Technologies Inc. (NXTTF) 10/16/2018 09:54:51 AM
Nice to see NMUS waking up with excellent Emerald Bioscience Inc. (EMBI) 10/10/2018 12:59:41 PM
Seriously?! Life changer. Patriot One Technologies (PTOTF) 10/10/2018 10:49:43 AM
Yep, this will be Monolithic!! Patriot One Technologies (PTOTF) 10/05/2018 11:13:00 AM
OMG... hahahahahaha....Thanks Potter! Namaste Technologies Inc. (NXTTF) 09/16/2018 04:37:44 PM
Upon serious reflection, I’m of mixed mind about Namaste Technologies Inc. (NXTTF) 09/15/2018 12:14:08 AM
What a party! Buy Namaste Technologies Inc. (NXTTF) 09/14/2018 11:43:09 PM
Beautiful day here in Montreal. Looking forward to Namaste Technologies Inc. (NXTTF) 09/12/2018 01:19:09 PM
Damn. That would have been a nice pickup! Monolithic Trading (MONO) 09/07/2018 03:50:09 PM
Hey Mono, did you see this? A very Monolithic Trading (MONO) 09/06/2018 11:07:26 PM
Fellow COV CVLAF investors and those researching the Covalon Technology Limited (TSXV:COV) 09/06/2018 11:05:20 PM
amazing numbers and potential future...somewhere I recall the Namaste Technologies Inc. (NXTTF) 09/05/2018 09:31:08 AM
Thanks. Something is brewing Emerald Bioscience Inc. (EMBI) 08/29/2018 07:41:25 PM
NMUS just filed a CTO. Interesting. A novice Emerald Bioscience Inc. (EMBI) 08/29/2018 10:55:59 AM
Nice to be back to break even after MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 08/27/2018 01:40:50 PM
I didn't know that. Can you expand on Covalon Technology Limited (TSXV:COV) 08/20/2018 09:55:20 AM
$8.5 million USD which at today's exchange rate Covalon Technology Limited (TSXV:COV) 08/20/2018 09:45:05 AM
Awesome. This is another $10 Million Cdn. I Covalon Technology Limited (TSXV:COV) 08/20/2018 09:11:35 AM
Incredibly harsh over-reaction to legit criticism by the Monolithic Trading (MONO) 08/07/2018 10:11:43 AM
Suddenly just started to fly after being at Monolithic Trading (MONO) 08/03/2018 01:21:21 PM
Thanks Greenwillow! This global contract research and manufacturing Emerald Bioscience Inc. (EMBI) 08/01/2018 09:18:08 AM
The COV action looks good. Its quite plausible Monolithic Trading (MONO) 07/31/2018 10:58:47 PM
Based on all this action and volume I Monolithic Trading (MONO) 07/26/2018 03:54:26 PM
COV. Here We Go Again. Looks like blue skies... Monolithic Trading (MONO) 07/26/2018 10:00:54 AM
looking good today from the start Monolithic Trading (MONO) 07/23/2018 10:27:59 AM
Excellent News. MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPXEF) 07/19/2018 10:10:10 AM
Thanks Alvie for your solid work on this Generation Next Franchise Brands Inc. (VEND) 07/16/2018 12:28:17 PM
Here we go!!? Emerald Bioscience Inc. (EMBI) 06/18/2018 03:12:27 PM