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Is this just MJ stocks? I thought it $$$$$$$~SSM, CUSTODIANSHIPS-&~BIG-OTC-DD-STOCKS$$$$$$$ 10/26/2016 09:51:25 AM
It's smokin $$$$$$$~SSM, CUSTODIANSHIPS-&~BIG-OTC-DD-STOCKS$$$$$$$ 10/25/2016 08:41:41 PM
Smart guy New Age Beverages Corp. 10/25/2016 03:42:23 PM
$TWER record volume- and + 16% now. Gapper tomorrow! $$$$$$$~SSM, CUSTODIANSHIPS-&~BIG-OTC-DD-STOCKS$$$$$$$ 10/25/2016 02:04:15 PM
re: "What kind of job has the scumbag G6 Materials Corp 10/25/2016 09:44:16 AM
$TWER ($1.29) + 10% high volume on Yuugggge $$$$$$$~SSM, CUSTODIANSHIPS-&~BIG-OTC-DD-STOCKS$$$$$$$ 10/25/2016 09:40:25 AM
$TWER: Towerstream’s New Building Additions Projected to More TowerStream Corp. 10/25/2016 09:38:28 AM
re: NASDAQ. A very brief Q&A with new Marker Therapeutics Inc 09/22/2016 12:16:18 PM
They'll be covering before management rings NASDAQ bell, Marker Therapeutics Inc 09/20/2016 03:21:06 PM
you're right, thanks. Marker Therapeutics Inc 09/20/2016 01:06:17 PM
TapImmune (TPIVD) uplisting to NASDAQ with FOUR Phase Biotech Values 09/20/2016 10:27:44 AM
Could be as soon as this week I Marker Therapeutics Inc 09/20/2016 10:17:57 AM
$AMDA perfect timing for FDA approval as I SiNtx Technologies 09/17/2016 06:29:07 PM
Sorry for your loss. MabVax Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (fka MBVXQ) 09/07/2016 12:16:14 PM
$MBVX MabVax Therapeutics Biotech Values 09/07/2016 11:08:28 AM
New Investor Presentation MabVax Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (fka MBVXQ) 09/06/2016 05:35:00 PM
If not FDA, maybe somebody kicking tires for SiNtx Technologies 09/06/2016 03:28:48 PM
She's gettin' jiggly Jim! SiNtx Technologies 09/06/2016 03:08:33 PM
3D Printing Stocks Get Lift From GE Acquisitions 3D Printing Stocks 09/06/2016 08:58:44 AM
Congrats on the buyout guys! Arcam AB (ARCM.ST) 09/06/2016 08:34:48 AM
nevermind. I'll be nice here. SiNtx Technologies 09/04/2016 01:42:18 PM
$CPRX- Orphan Drug Designation for new Myasthenia Gravis drug Biotech Values 09/02/2016 10:56:43 AM
I've shorted many stocks and have no problem SiNtx Technologies 08/30/2016 10:58:05 AM
Inept management here. SiNtx Technologies 08/29/2016 04:33:50 PM
I'm pretty sure the listing rule is to SiNtx Technologies 08/29/2016 04:09:27 PM
Watch this idiot management team fail to keep SiNtx Technologies 08/29/2016 03:56:26 PM
What do you think of the MCUR/LEAP pipeline? Biotech Values 08/29/2016 11:30:29 AM
$MCUR- no shares available to short on Interactive brokers. Macrocure Ltd. 08/29/2016 11:14:16 AM
Phillip Frost owns 15% of MBVX so (hopefully) Biotech Values 08/29/2016 11:04:52 AM
$MBVX Nice hints in August 11 10-Q filing Biotech Values 08/29/2016 10:48:22 AM
Nice hints in August 11 10-Q filing that MabVax Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (fka MBVXQ) 08/29/2016 10:47:08 AM
1st buy back @ $1.08 SiNtx Technologies 08/24/2016 03:41:05 PM
Yep- but it's all just a guessing game SiNtx Technologies 08/24/2016 11:25:47 AM
Crappy management that's brought in lousy, below market SiNtx Technologies 08/23/2016 05:08:12 PM
where's the 4:15 pm press release? SiNtx Technologies 08/23/2016 04:37:25 PM
LOL- well it closed up .08 actually. SiNtx Technologies 08/23/2016 04:11:23 PM
Incompetent management at AMDA SiNtx Technologies 08/23/2016 04:03:11 PM
$AMDA 1St to 3D Print Silicon Nitride SiNtx Technologies 08/23/2016 02:29:58 PM
yes. And it will come. SiNtx Technologies 08/23/2016 11:17:15 AM
... SiNtx Technologies 08/23/2016 10:48:08 AM