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Is Bob Bad For iHub? (BADBOB)

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Here you go. Keep it out of the Questions and Answer thread. If you want to give the reasons you think it's a bad idea for me to be filling my role here, let's hear it. Both sides welcome and I'll likely participate from time to time. All rules of the site apply. So no personal attacks, even if they're directed at me. And I've alluded a few times to the notion of harassment via posting volume, and do want to address that in the Terms of Use at some point, and will test and refine it with this thread, so here are the rules that're specific to this thread: 1. No more than 10 posts (per person) to this thread in any 6-hour period. 2. In every 6-hour period in which you post to this thread (whether one post or the maximum), you must post at least one on-topic stock-related post to an appropriate thread. Violation of either of those rules can result in temporary suspension of posting privileges. Simple rules. I trust we're all up to the challenge of adhering to them.. Addendum: In the interest of making it easier to police this rule, I'd appreciate it if everyone would voluntarily add the post-number for the 6-hour period and include a link to their requisite on-topic on-stock post into one of their 6-hour messages. Since I will not (for now, at least, and maybe never) post on-topic commentary in stock threads, I am exempt from the "one on-topic stock-related post" rule. I will, however comply with the first rule, as I could also stand some practice in being more selective about my battles. A "6-hour period" is any of the following time periods: Midnight to 6:00AM 6:00AM to noon Noon to 6:00PM 6:00PM to midnight All times Eastern.
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#162   I won't agree to disagree because I'm 100% Vendit 05/10/01 09:39:19 PM
#161   I stand corrected as far as your experience smchan 05/10/01 09:25:06 PM
#160   . I think you should consider visiting SI, Vendit 05/10/01 09:21:11 PM
#159   ... just don't disagree with me about a trade.<ggg> smchan 05/10/01 09:07:11 PM
#158   I should clarify something in my previous post. Was (Bob) 05/10/01 09:06:49 PM
#157   Like Bob said, what kind of salary are Lola 05/10/01 09:05:45 PM
#156   Like Bob said, what kind of salary are smchan 05/10/01 09:03:25 PM
#155   Thanks for your reply Bob. I apologize Lola 05/10/01 09:02:04 PM
#154   Which leads into a partial answer of your question... smchan 05/10/01 08:51:45 PM
#153   SI is now a Yahoo smchan 05/10/01 08:50:07 PM
#152   I wasn't looking for a job Bob ... Was (Bob) 05/10/01 08:32:37 PM
#151   How much of a message board would Matt Vendit 05/10/01 07:56:38 PM
#150   It won't roll over onto this one. Was (Bob) 05/10/01 06:14:45 PM
#149   OOPS, I must of missed that. OK, fair Seahag 05/10/01 06:05:39 PM
#148   Julys! Oy! Did you sell? Poet 05/10/01 06:02:58 PM
#147   It's in the thread header (and makes sense): smchan 05/10/01 05:57:52 PM
#146   What about Bob? How come he gets to Seahag 05/10/01 05:56:54 PM
#145   Finally, my stock post for today: smchan 05/10/01 05:56:35 PM
#144   Too bad, though. I picked up a Was (Bob) 05/10/01 05:53:35 PM
#143   I stand corrected. It's a statement (rather Was (Bob) 05/10/01 05:48:21 PM
#142   "In fact, we've got one person here who gianni 05/10/01 05:46:10 PM
#141   I agree with you, gianni. And I Poet 05/10/01 05:43:23 PM
#140   In reply to: Was (Bob) 05/10/01 05:42:00 PM
#139   "Matt should charge everyone one of us to gianni 05/10/01 05:39:47 PM
#138   LOL! I agree. :-) But since I'm smchan 05/10/01 05:35:50 PM
#137   The Directors and the COB should be exempt gianni 05/10/01 05:33:37 PM
#136   Oh. You didn't express it as a question smchan 05/10/01 05:26:20 PM
#135   I can see why Ms. Lisa nominated you gianni 05/10/01 05:20:28 PM
#134   I don't think they're currently taking applications. smchan 05/10/01 05:16:14 PM
#133   Oh. You didn't express it as a Was (Bob) 05/10/01 04:51:11 PM
#132   I wasn't looking for a job Bob ... Lola 05/10/01 04:09:20 PM
#131   Sorry. I don't think they're currently taking Was (Bob) 05/10/01 03:50:46 PM
#130   It's only for this thread... something about keeping smchan 05/10/01 03:38:42 PM
#129   My instincts were right then. Lola 05/10/01 03:34:22 PM
#128   I'd like to know what Bob's qualifications are JXM 05/10/01 03:33:01 PM
#127   I won't be making many posts on this website. Lola 05/10/01 03:32:00 PM
#126   I'd like to know what Bob's qualifications are smchan 05/10/01 03:30:32 PM
#125   I'd like to know what Bob's qualifications are Lola 05/10/01 03:21:29 PM
#124   A large number of publishers (you and I smchan 05/09/01 10:29:37 PM
#123   My last post tonight, #6 or #5 Vendit 05/09/01 10:23:09 PM
#122   Well, if I get grandfathered in, that'd be smchan 05/09/01 10:19:32 PM
#121   Humbly report, Sam, Matt regarding IH as a Josef Svejk 05/09/01 10:02:10 PM
#120   This control by a thread head IS why smchan 05/09/01 09:52:03 PM
#119   My stock post, have you posted yours today?? Vendit 05/09/01 09:50:45 PM
#118   As a general rule, I don't recommend anything. Vendit 05/09/01 09:45:57 PM
#117   Delete my post if it did not fit Vendit 05/09/01 09:33:18 PM
#116   Reid, let me also add that despite all smchan 05/09/01 09:29:08 PM
#115   Re posts 110 and 111. They were posts Seahag 05/09/01 09:28:47 PM
#114   Hey Reid, you forgot to number your post, smchan 05/09/01 09:22:22 PM
#113   I might asree with charging only if the Vendit 05/09/01 09:13:57 PM