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i finally got a few here for us. mick 03/12/09 12:28 PM
stem mick 03/12/09 12:05 PM
ivgn 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 12:03 PM
IART 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 12:01 PM
GERN 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:59 AM
DNDN 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:58 AM
CBAI 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:56 AM
CELG 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:53 AM
CRA 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:51 AM
BTIM 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:48 AM
ARIA 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:45 AM
ALXN 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:43 AM
ACTC 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:40 AM
morning mick.....I like what CRA has done in 02opida 03/12/09 11:40 AM
ASTM 10weekly MA---20weekly MA in color. mick 03/12/09 11:37 AM
There are only a limited number of stocks mick 03/12/09 11:29 AM
do youe still follow HEPI????? mick 06/24/08 2:16 AM
Home Instead Senior Care mick 06/24/08 2:15 AM
HEPI 02opida 12/11/07 5:14 PM
CEPO 02opida 12/11/07 5:14 PM
CEMI 02opida 12/11/07 5:14 PM
o.k., i'll do the click. mick 10/20/06 11:55 AM
Good to see ya mick. Hey, we creede 10/20/06 11:49 AM
hi creede , this is the first time. mick 10/20/06 11:39 AM
Ever seen this stat? creede 10/20/06 1:03 AM
me again, HLSH mick 10/19/06 10:59 AM
CBCL mick 10/19/06 10:53 AM
aacs mick 10/19/06 10:52 AM
ckys mick 10/19/06 10:51 AM
RLTR mick 10/19/06 10:51 AM
TRIS mick 10/19/06 10:35 AM
ATWT mick 10/19/06 10:34 AM
AAGM mick 10/19/06 10:33 AM
GWTR mick 10/19/06 10:33 AM
Hey, check this out. Looks like it's creede 10/19/06 1:10 AM
Like AACS and CBCL..holding GWTR AAGM ATWT TRIS peoria 10/18/06 11:54 PM
say i did five charts at da other mick 10/18/06 11:47 PM
haha.!! you bet.. peoria 10/18/06 11:42 PM
it's better when the comps are on them mick 10/18/06 11:41 PM
Sounds like fun.. peoria 10/18/06 11:40 PM
i'm playing right now...we will go to vegas mick 10/18/06 11:40 PM
So, how ya doing with the poker.?? Still peoria 10/18/06 11:36 PM
we talked about this stuff before. looked liked mick 10/18/06 11:35 PM
Yeah, they looked bad didnt they..? turn overs..bad peoria 10/18/06 11:30 PM
this guy still touts'em. mick 10/18/06 11:29 PM
when it was 20--zip and da bears looked mick 10/18/06 11:28 PM
yes and the mets could do it. all mick 10/18/06 11:27 PM
Yes I did ..what a game..and some luck peoria 10/18/06 11:26 PM
Yes, just saw more game...Detroit did well..!!! peoria 10/18/06 11:25 PM
Not really Mick..been a busy past month or peoria 10/18/06 11:24 PM
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12/11/07 5:14 PM
12/11/07 5:14 PM
12/11/07 5:14 PM
10/20/06 11:55 AM
10/20/06 11:49 AM
10/20/06 11:39 AM
10/20/06 1:03 AM
10/19/06 10:59 AM
10/19/06 10:53 AM
10/19/06 10:52 AM
10/19/06 10:51 AM
10/19/06 10:51 AM
10/19/06 10:35 AM
10/19/06 10:34 AM
10/19/06 10:33 AM
10/19/06 10:33 AM
10/19/06 1:10 AM
10/18/06 11:47 PM
10/18/06 11:42 PM
10/18/06 11:40 PM
10/18/06 11:36 PM
10/18/06 11:29 PM
10/18/06 11:27 PM
10/18/06 11:26 PM

Sons And Daughters Of BBCMF Health Care/Home Care Companies.

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this is concern for all , market maker signal for shares.

100--I need shares
200-I need shares badly,but do not take it down
300-take the price down to get shares
400-trade it sideways based on supply and demand
500-gap one way or another,to the direction of the 500 trade.
ADDING THIS 4/22/06: In my experiences I Noticed When In Sub Penny Add a Zero!!
for virus information
molecular evolution and the emergence of novel infectious agents.

Future With Technology - disease monitoring site...

new chart2 from goodrich and starboy,,,5 day--10 day--200 day EMA
[*chart],uu[e,a]dhclyiay[db][pb5!b10!b200!d20,2!f][vc5!c20][iut!lv8!lk9!ll5!lah5,15,10!lp5,5][j20444984,y]&r=3555[*/chart]...Red and Black Candles

new chart2 daily view for red green candles...

new chart2
[*chart]">[*/chart]{red and green 50/100/200 ema

new chart2...side by side charts 180 days / 90 days weekly readings.
svmi weekly...180/90 days

new chart2...

new chart2...Side By Side Charts: Daily For Two Co's.,,50/200 EMA

new chart2...50/200 day Trendline...
[*chart][*/chart] **********

new chart2...50/200/10 day Trendline

new chart2...5day/10day/50day ema

Spider/Centipede Look Chart: Fibs, % Levels...

chart ... p and f #1[3-BOX REVERSAL
chart ... p and f #2[2 BOX REVERSAL]

If You Need a Chart From The Pinks , Just Change The Symbol For The New Chart.


100 Most Asked For At Pinkies.

A Wealth Of Information Here. Many Links. #msg-9341363

chart ... p and f

Some Thoughts For Healing And Cancer Questions And Possible answer for us.
SEE #msg-9292801 ... #msg-9293046

by nanopatent,,,westeffer. Product Water With PROALGAZME...


The long awaited removal of the "Grandfather Clause" has today been officially posted in the Federal Register for removal.

On October 15th, all 'Naked Short' positions in public companies must be covered.

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