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will the coming winter be SARS stuff????? Bird mick 06/24/08 2:15 AM
Bird flu may be spread indirectly, WHO says cbfromli 01/17/08 1:53 PM
BERLIN (Reuters) - An outbreak of deadly bird cbfromli 08/25/07 2:48 PM
hi carlos, i'm updating our ibox. mick 08/10/07 10:21 PM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Researchers studying bird flu viruses cbfromli 08/10/07 10:53 AM
hi carlos, i updated the ibox. mick 07/28/07 11:30 AM
Grocery industry prepares for bird flu By TIMBERLY cbfromli 02/19/07 1:47 PM
Only a matter of time..... $$ Golden Cross $$ 02/05/07 2:54 PM
hi GS, this looks like it is making mick 02/05/07 2:32 PM
hi Cb, good afternoon. u.k. is very serious mick 02/05/07 2:30 PM
Turkeys culled as H5N1 bird flu found at $$ Golden Cross $$ 02/04/07 9:34 PM
LONDON - Britain confirmed its first outbreak of cbfromli 02/03/07 2:21 PM
China Selects Three of Linkwell's Likang Disinfectant Products $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/11/07 8:54 AM
The speed at which Indonesia has become the $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/10/07 9:54 PM
China confirmed that a man died of bird $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/10/07 9:54 PM
I can see that... $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/10/07 9:54 PM
hi GS, i sure they didn't want to mick 01/10/07 11:18 AM
Ahead of the Bell: Bird Flu $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/10/07 8:32 AM
I don't think so...sorry for the late reply $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/09/07 9:16 AM
hi GS____i saw this early morning. did they mick 01/08/07 5:17 PM
Kinda scarryyyyyyyyyyy $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/08/07 1:33 PM
Bird deaths shut down downtown Austin By JIM $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/08/07 1:32 PM
hi Cb, nice comments. gotcha this from jokes stuff. mick 12/30/06 5:06 PM
hi Cb, GS, i have a happy new mick 12/30/06 5:02 PM
Egypt reports third bird flu death in a week $$ Golden Cross $$ 12/28/06 4:03 PM
thanx again for your valuable input for a mick 12/22/06 12:49 PM
I hope the but not use it that $$ Golden Cross $$ 12/22/06 12:25 PM
me again GS, well said. i couldn't have mick 12/22/06 12:14 PM
Hello. I found it interesting and I think $$ Golden Cross $$ 12/22/06 12:00 PM
very nice article for information for the pandemic flu. mick 12/22/06 10:06 AM
hi GS, good morning. mick 12/22/06 10:05 AM
Bird flu spreads in Vietnam $$ Golden Cross $$ 12/22/06 9:12 AM
hi GS, i own some of this GNBT mick 11/06/06 2:54 PM
GNBT is already steadily running, but they have $$ Golden Cross $$ 11/06/06 12:50 PM
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese scientists have identified cbfromli 11/06/06 12:25 PM
hi GS, good evening. are ya doing any mick 11/05/06 8:34 PM
Hu...Yes you can and it will just get $$ Golden Cross $$ 11/05/06 4:55 PM
hi GS, nice comments and great article for mick 11/04/06 5:02 PM
hi cb, nice updates. been a little busy mick 11/04/06 5:00 PM
Drugs and fear: A new bird flu flurry $$ Golden Cross $$ 11/02/06 4:05 PM
WASHINGTON - Scientists have discovered a new strain cbfromli 10/30/06 6:01 PM
GENEVA (Reuters) - The cbfromli 10/24/06 10:18 AM
hi CB, i'm placing the stuff about good mick 10/18/06 8:31 PM
CHICAGO (Reuters) - An experimental vaccine for bird cbfromli 10/04/06 2:35 PM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A second round of tests cbfromli 08/29/06 12:09 AM
BEIJING - A Chinese-developed vaccine against the H5N1 cbfromli 08/28/06 10:59 AM
i did your gsk,,,side by side chart. mick 08/03/06 5:34 PM
hi CB, i did some chart stuff for mick 08/02/06 7:28 PM
HANOI (AFP) - Laos has started a poultry cbfromli 08/01/06 1:25 PM
LONDON - GlaxoSmithKline may be able to produce cbfromli 07/26/06 1:32 PM
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Sons And Daughters BBCMF Bird Flu Pandemic Biotechnology

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Bird Flu Pandemic Concerns International Scientist

CDC link on bird flu


keep track of bird flu news

Glaxo Wellcome

Chinese New Year is being celebrated this week, and that means there will be more travel in Asia, more consumption of chickens and unfortunately more risk of becoming infected with the bird flu. In the scientific world, it's called H5N1, the current, avian flu virus, which emerged in Hong Kong in 1997 and has recently caused the medical community to fear it could very well be the next global pandemic.

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You are responsible for your own decisions - post wisely and research before investing.

See LoDi Message For Bird Flu Symptoms.
these have comments with them...#msg-8562377

below is link for i.p.o. dates.

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this is concern for all , market maker signal for shares.

100--I need shares
200-I need shares badly,but do not take it down
300-take the price down to get shares
400-trade it sideways based on supply and demand
500-gap one way or another,to the direction of the 500 trade.
ADDING THIS 4/22/06: In my experiences I Noticed When In Sub Penny Add a Zero!!

here are some photos from cbfromli.

Hard Right Edge for learning skills.

Future With Technology

From Peoria 2/26/06 - disease monitoring site...

new chart2 from goodrich and starboy,,,5 day--10 day--200 day EMA
[*chart],uu[e,a]dhclyiay[db][pb5!b10!b200!d20,2!f][vc5!c20][iut!lv8!lk9!ll5!lah5,15,10!lp5,5][j20444984,y]&r=3555[*/chart]...Red and Black Candles

new chart2 daily view for red green candles...

new chart2
[*chart]">[*/chart]{red and green 50/100/200 ema

new chart2...side by side charts 180 days / 90 days weekly readings.
svmi weekly...180/90 days

new chart2...

new chart2...Side By Side Charts: Daily For Two Co's.,,50/200 EMA

new chart2...50/200 day Trendline...
[*chart][*/chart] **********

new chart2...50/200/10 day Trendline

new chart2...5day/10day/50day ema

Spider/Centipede Look Chart: Fibs, % Levels...

chart ... p and f #1[3-BOX REVERSAL
chart ... p and f #2[2 BOX REVERSAL]

If You Need a Chart From The Pinks , Just Change The Symbol For The New Chart.


100 Most Asked For At Pinkies.

A Wealth Of Information Here. Many Links. #msg-9341363

FROM J 5/05/06 ... A Lot Of Company Information.
middle east news...

chart ... p and f


FROM lady1242..

FROM westeffer For Virus, etc. 1/10/06 ... Recombinomics is committed to the study of recombination as the driver of rapid molecular evolution and the emergence of novel infectious agents.

BIRD FLU article from BOREALIS, what is bird flu?
#msg-10346365 ... #msg-10352109 ... #msg-10472494
APRIL 1,2006 FROM BOREALIS...#msg-10472450 information and some links. 

The long awaited removal of the "Grandfather Clause" has today been officially posted in the Federal Register for removal.

On October 15th, all 'Naked Short' positions in public companies must be covered.

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