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As of Oct 2013 I made a major shift in my trading to Phase Charts.  I then stopped all my trading with SR60 and F85 although I still use the signals with Phase Trading when the timing is right. I feel that this is a good time to stop using this board to describe and document my trading. This board has operated very well of late as a general board and I like that.  I plan to continue posting my general comments on this board just as before, but starting today, Oct 28, I will post all my comments about Phase Trading on a new board that I have created, CYCLE TRADING.

In Dec 2010, this board was given a new name.  It was formerly the CSG board for the people from Clearstation (CS). The aim of this board is to openly share our trading methods, and help each other make money. It is important that all posters are respectful and while questions may arise about what is posted, responses should never turn personal.  You are encouraged to post charts or other visuals to share your ideas.  All ideas on this board are free to use or share as you see fit.  No subscriptions needed.  If what you learn here helps you, please give to the charity of your choice.


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Disclaimer: Several trading systems will be presented and discussed on this board over time.  While it may appear that the systems are successful, that is no indication that they will be successful for you.  You alone are responsible for doing your own due diligence to prove to yourself that you can be successful with a trading system.  No one who presents their views of how to trade can be responsible for your success or failure.

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#60284   Right on cue, SR60 failed for the 4th Duma 01/27/12 03:55:29 PM
#60283   I posted a couple of days ago, how Duma 01/27/12 09:00:48 AM
#60282   I'll watch for a while, thanks for link. Duma 01/26/12 05:35:22 PM
#60281   Duma > CS guys here spdpro 01/25/12 10:21:52 PM
#60280   BT's timing board is looking good, as well LKB Trader 01/25/12 09:05:34 AM
#60279   I will have more to say later about Duma 01/25/12 08:56:51 AM
#60278   Duma, nice to hear from you and happy LKB Trader 01/25/12 12:20:10 AM
#60277   Since the beginning of the year, I have Duma 01/24/12 11:44:47 PM
#60276   intrigued, I took a quick 13 year spin mr_cassandra 01/24/12 09:09:16 AM
#60275   interesting article. Though I didn't see him mention mr_cassandra 01/24/12 08:54:57 AM
#60274   I agree with you, 80% w/l would be great. mr_cassandra 01/24/12 08:10:11 AM
#60273   watching and doing Nothing here spdpro 01/23/12 10:21:54 AM
#60272   seems like that was the correct wag spdpro 01/23/12 09:57:32 AM
#60271   nothing worth mention thus far but EUR made spdpro 01/23/12 08:47:46 AM
#60270   Yep see Ya in the AM, green Algo spdpro 01/22/12 01:04:37 PM
#60269   On 60min chart MACD and Stoc are showing Duma 01/22/12 09:49:38 AM
#60268   Ok Monday new game OpEx is done spdpro 01/20/12 12:52:55 PM
#60267   spdpro yes part of the game for sure :o) CITYHAWK 01/19/12 11:55:26 PM
#60266   coldHawk > all good here, had some TZA spdpro 01/19/12 07:46:56 PM
#60264   hi spdpro CITYHAWK 01/19/12 07:03:27 PM
#60263   Sammy > no one could access your post spdpro 01/19/12 07:18:22 AM
#60260   Back up to the Nite Ratz, do or spdpro 01/17/12 07:08:28 PM
#60259   Welcome to the Twilight Zone.... spdpro 01/17/12 01:21:19 PM
#60258   Duma > look close at IWM vs TF, spdpro 01/17/12 11:40:23 AM
#60257   I thought adding the after hours to SR60 Duma 01/17/12 11:30:20 AM
#60256   cRaZy, what's the next move spdpro 01/17/12 11:23:43 AM
#60255   Look at TOS, /TFH2 233tick, 3 day spdpro 01/17/12 10:05:27 AM
#60254   I hope your playing the "60" including premarket spdpro 01/17/12 10:01:47 AM
#60253   Maybe good advice, but I can't do that. Duma 01/17/12 09:57:48 AM
#60252   take the coin and walk away spdpro 01/17/12 09:51:48 AM
#60251   I am back to trading SR60. I Duma 01/17/12 09:50:20 AM
#60250   same game "nothing left to play" spdpro 01/17/12 09:32:25 AM
#60249   ?? or Not, double edge sword here spdpro 01/17/12 09:05:49 AM
#60248   As ZH put it, we have a "melt-up Duma 01/17/12 08:58:38 AM
#60247   Yep, too dang strange spdpro 01/16/12 09:19:03 PM
#60246   Yeah and everything seems to be pointing to grasshoppah 01/16/12 08:10:14 PM
#60245   we will see tonight after the EFSF downgrade was spdpro 01/16/12 07:29:21 PM
#60244   Sure looks like the eurozone love love loved grasshoppah 01/16/12 07:21:21 PM
#60243   16:15 EuroCircus, part 13, episode 666 spdpro 01/14/12 12:08:46 AM
#60242   ?? I think I'm sitting this one out spdpro 01/13/12 09:06:05 AM
#60241   Market not looking too good this morning. Duma 01/13/12 08:41:58 AM
#60240   Why are you assuming this? If in a Y worry Murray 01/12/12 12:05:52 PM
#60239   No problem Duma, VTOMD EMA System: No long Y worry Murray 01/12/12 11:32:11 AM
#60238   Posting for Mr.Cassandra...this is an interesting approach to desertcynlite 01/12/12 10:16:17 AM
#60237   09:45 Out of TZA load, gave it my spdpro 01/12/12 10:03:16 AM
#60236   ??? 2 gaps in 2 days on nothing spdpro 01/12/12 08:01:36 AM
#60235   "I therefore conclude that while the weekly MACD gloe 01/12/12 07:52:20 AM
#60234   Refresh me again please of your ema system. Duma 01/11/12 10:58:15 PM
#60233   Here's a QQQ chart for a time span Y worry Murray 01/11/12 05:03:51 PM
#60232   sell now spdpro 01/11/12 01:40:33 PM
#76054  Sticky Note In case someone missed the change that I Duma 02/18/14 01:53:21 PM