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Posts by bgATLBoardDate/Time
The whole flower numbers will look good! Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 07/18/2019 07:08:32 PM
I wish they would have unlocked half the Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/18/2019 07:03:33 PM
Is this site legit? Offering bud tenders Vivo Cannabis Inc. (VVCIF) 07/12/2019 04:19:26 PM
Part of Investopedia article, sorry could not figure Vivo Cannabis Inc. (VVCIF) 07/12/2019 08:24:46 AM
I read an article that the ETF's are Vivo Cannabis Inc. (VVCIF) 07/10/2019 08:15:32 AM
I don't know how to link, but the Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/28/2019 07:40:21 AM
Mass. grow purchase!. Did this make a press Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/25/2019 03:03:30 PM
Great! Thanks for sharing both posts. Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/25/2019 10:11:12 AM
Anyone find any news from the shareholder meeting? Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/25/2019 09:10:07 AM
She is experienced now! Until there is Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/24/2019 05:48:28 PM
I am trying to understand this. Does Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 06/24/2019 09:03:18 AM
JUST FOR FUN. does anyone have a guess Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/18/2019 12:44:49 PM
Great sign of confidence in Trulieve by some Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/14/2019 06:54:15 AM
When Aphria sold their shares in Liberty, the Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 06/13/2019 12:16:03 PM
Looks like the company has a lot riding Vivo Cannabis Inc. (VVCIF) 06/13/2019 08:48:39 AM
Thanks! Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/10/2019 10:57:17 AM
Can anyone explain to me What the Trulieve Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/10/2019 08:59:37 AM
In comparing them to Trulieve, they have 50% Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 06/04/2019 08:54:29 AM
Green Growth Brands is coming to Florida - Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 06/04/2019 08:51:59 AM
Has anyone seen any info that gives insight Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/03/2019 08:56:30 AM
I am new to holding any stocks. Vivo Cannabis Inc. (VVCIF) 05/12/2019 10:26:51 AM
The chart is in the trenches right now Vivo Cannabis Inc. (VVCIF) 05/10/2019 09:09:50 AM
Up 11% Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 04/18/2019 05:50:36 PM
Two things in the release. Green Growth Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 04/17/2019 08:39:46 AM
One of the profit centers for ETF funds, Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 04/16/2019 08:03:33 AM
Someone should correct me if I am wrong ; Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 04/11/2019 12:33:39 PM
Sounds Good. By the way, my calendar Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 04/04/2019 08:01:27 AM
Hope the shorters are well exposed because they Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 04/01/2019 08:07:53 AM
Very interesting regarding Florida values. Does anyone Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 03/19/2019 08:37:00 AM
11 million is 10.6 percent of the true Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 03/01/2019 04:41:20 PM
Sold Charlottes Web at a small profit to Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 02/27/2019 03:06:40 PM
I have posted about Trulieve (I know now Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 02/25/2019 05:37:43 PM
Thanks for posting.......Exactly what I was guessing, but Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 02/24/2019 06:19:42 PM
From swirling some cannibas leaves in a cup Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 02/24/2019 05:56:47 PM
Looking at Aphria who sold their shares in Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 02/23/2019 10:18:43 AM
Another company which I follow, Nano Sphere Health Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 02/21/2019 10:51:23 AM
Or they are making Liberty available for acquisition Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 02/20/2019 09:22:40 AM
I read this somewhere recently (maybe even here) Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 02/08/2019 07:38:30 PM
The thing is, these people (so called insiders) Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 02/06/2019 11:02:05 AM
If the law changes in Florida for adult Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 01/24/2019 08:11:59 AM