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Chief Wahoo 

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I love it. I'm already riding free shares. Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/13/2019 03:40:16 PM
Atta boy. I still have a boat load Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/05/2019 02:56:14 PM
I'm out. I dumped all my shares. DKSC Dakshidin Corporation (DKSC) 05/10/2019 03:08:00 PM
I love it Zig! I've been here for Discovery Minerals LTD (DSCR) 05/09/2019 10:00:41 PM
Serious bag holder. The pump is out in Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc. (NUUU) 05/01/2019 12:54:31 PM
I like this notion. Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 04/17/2019 04:14:23 PM
Hell yeah Shaz. It's looking bright for TRDX. Trend Exploration, Inc (TRDX) 04/16/2019 05:53:00 PM
OTCX is European retail most of the time. Aluf Holdings, Inc. (AHIX) 04/11/2019 04:49:31 PM
Yep I'm just 25 miles north of MPLS. Aluf Holdings, Inc. (AHIX) 04/11/2019 12:15:16 PM
This baby needs to tear wide open. Enough Aluf Holdings, Inc. (AHIX) 04/11/2019 11:49:43 AM
It was my review. I asked for it Dakshidin Corporation (DKSC) 03/27/2019 09:00:19 PM
They said filings this week. Anyone thinking they Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 03/08/2019 01:20:21 PM
Awesome board, Shaz. Custodianship - Reinstatement - Mergers - R/S Denied 03/07/2019 12:55:40 PM
M!n@mar shell confirmed. Potash America, Inc. (PTAM) 03/05/2019 01:42:44 PM
Hahahahaha. Classic. Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 03/04/2019 01:34:07 PM
I rarely average up. But I smacked the SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/01/2019 03:41:55 PM
It's looking good here Shaz. I'm in. SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) 03/01/2019 12:00:22 PM
Hell yeah Shaz. I was alerted yesterday at Aluf Holdings, Inc. (AHIX) 02/26/2019 01:06:44 PM
$82,000 sitting on the bid @ .0002 - Aluf Holdings, Inc. (AHIX) 02/26/2019 10:21:22 AM
Thanks for the heads up! I'm in. Aluf Holdings, Inc. (AHIX) 02/25/2019 03:49:47 PM
Check out another confirmation from MN Moose / Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. (HDII) 02/22/2019 10:22:00 PM
Completely agree. I confirmed it myself. It's just Eco-Tek Group, Inc. (ETEK) 02/22/2019 09:41:00 PM
Heck yeah. You and I have been in Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (SKDI) 02/22/2019 07:24:22 PM
What's the word on RFMK Shaz? .0001-.0003''s PICKS ONLY 02/22/2019 10:25:57 AM
Insane movement here. Hold all for multiple pennies. BRK Inc. (BRKK) 02/20/2019 10:25:02 AM
Nope. DTC chill in full effect. Bio-Clean International, Inc. (BCLE) 02/19/2019 05:12:43 PM
I love it. Good news for ANWWQ - Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (fka ANWWQ) 02/18/2019 08:55:02 PM
I reached out to the company and received Bio-Clean International, Inc. (BCLE) 02/18/2019 02:14:42 PM
Does anyone know where one can purchase Megola Megola, Inc. (MGON) 02/18/2019 12:01:19 PM
Does anyone know where one can purchase Megola Megola, Inc. (MGON) 02/18/2019 12:01:19 PM
Stoked I got in to COBI @ .0002. Bangi Inc. (BNGI) 02/17/2019 05:28:16 PM
READ THIS POST FROM JMMATHEWS. All that needs Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (fka ANWWQ) 02/17/2019 04:21:32 PM
Good to know. Who was the clown that Eco-Tek Group, Inc. (ETEK) 02/17/2019 01:30:37 PM
IDK fellas. While I would like to hope Eco-Tek Group, Inc. (ETEK) 02/17/2019 01:16:41 PM
GO STRONG. THIS BABY IS ABOUT TO TAKE OFF. Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (fka ANWWQ) 02/15/2019 09:36:48 PM
Hell yeah brother! I got shook out earlier Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (fka ANWWQ) 02/15/2019 08:09:44 PM
Nice recovery here today. Let's keep the momentum Nutranomics, Inc (NNRX) 02/15/2019 05:46:15 PM
Their acreage is real and so is DKSCs. Dakshidin Corporation (DKSC) 02/14/2019 08:40:20 PM
Looking really good here today. Thankfully I got Strategic Asset Leasing Inc. (LEAS) 02/14/2019 05:03:34 PM
Same here Chief. Vystar Corp. (VYST) 02/13/2019 05:02:58 PM