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Gen 2 Technologies (OTCBB:MNIZ)


Share Structure 

Outstanding Shares 603,730 6/12//2020
Unrestricted 262,424 6/12//2020

About BRK Incorporated

BRK Inc, established in 2008, is a cutting edge sports and entertainment marketing company.
With the acquisition of the live-broadcast helmet camera patents, BRK is poised to enter sports marketing in a big way.

The patents give BRK Inc. the exclusive right to integrate a camera into any type of helmet – meaning BRK now has an exclusive in the industry.

The first product introduced using this technology is the RefCam HD-I. The RefCam HD-I is a COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency
Division Multiplexing), HD video transmitter with an integrated high definition camera. The RefCam is designed for broadcast applications,
using the best camera available in the United States. It differs from other sports cameras in that it is not a strap-on, does not require bulky
battery packs – its easy to clip on battery module gives users over an hour of continuous use and can easily be replaced during play – and
transmits directly from an integrated circuit board within the camera to broadcast live to TV viewers. The entire unit is only 2 inches
by 6 inches, integrated into the helmet worn by referees and provides a point of view never before seen on TV or in professional sports.

The RefCam was first used professionally by referees during the NHL All Star game in January 2016 in Nashville TN, debuting to an audience of 1.8 million viewers.



BRK, Inc. Enters Settlement Agreement With Auctus Fund, LLC and Sets

Collection Procedure for $2.4 Million Judgment With a Share Buyback Plan

HENDERSON, Nevada, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire
Mr. Serruya continued, "With the successful lawsuit and $2.4 Million judgment, management would like to announce a plan to
use 50% of the judgment proceeds to buyback shares of the Company in the open market. Management feels the shareholders should
also benefit in a more direct manner for their continued support of BRK, Inc. In addition, if the Company is successful in any
other lawsuits or settlements for IP infringement, management will apply the same standard to any further judgments." 


BRK, Inc. Returns 185,842,723 Common Shares Back to Treasury


HENDERSON, Nevada, Feb. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BRK, Inc. (OTC PINK: BRKK) is  pleased to
announce the final transaction numbers  for the completed 3a10 with Continuation Capital are as follows:

Total debt and payables retired $169,631.28

Total shares reserved for transaction 300,000,000

Total shares issued for transaction 114,157,277

Total Shares returned to treasury 185,842,723



BRK, Inc. Wins $2,474,156.62 Judgment in Civil Case - Feb 28, 2019 

HENDERSON, Nevada, Feb 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BRK, Inc. (OTC PINK: BRKK) is pleased to announce on February 25,
2019 the Company was awarded a $2,474,156.62 judgment against iSee Automation, Inc. for breach of contract with respect
to the Company's intellectual property related to RefCam. Management views this decision as a
major milestone for the Company's future now having precedence and judgments on its side.

Daniel Serruya, President & CEO of BRK, Inc. commented, "BRK, Inc. will use this decision and judgment to strengthen the
Company's position to negotiate settlements from other entities currently infringing on our intellectual properties. We will take
the initial approach to win a customer and recurring revenue rather than litigation, but if our efforts are unsuccessful the
Company will vigorously defend its intellectual properties." Mr. Serruya added, "With the case behind us, the Company
is positioning for significant growth by continuing its efforts to remove creditors from its balance sheet,
developing new applications for its technology and gaining customer traction for future revenue generation,
which will make for a compelling story for current and future investors." 



October 29, 2018

Intellectual Property - Since the Company's successful lawsuit ruling against iSee Automation Inc. on March 27, 2018,
the Company has obtained a judgment for damages and is finalizing calculations to determine the size of
damages and will aggressively, with assistance of counsel, seek recovery of those damages.
 In addition, the
Company is currently updating the technology with a highly regarded technical designer and software developer
in the optical systems industry. He will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development and deployment
of optical systems in many settings including DOD and private sector applications in addition to expanding the
technology to various professional sports leagues. With current adaptations and improvements, the Company
anticipates filling for additional patents to further protect our most valuable asset, the Intellectual Property. 

New Applications - With the new adaptations from our original design, there have been a number of new
applications for our seamless optical transmission that management is looking to implement in the very near future.

Management is presently in talks with new outlets to utilize this technology, which will enhance the top line revenue. 
outlets range from special events companies to a wide range of sports and governmental agencies.

 Management believes these new applications have the opportunity to transform the direction of this company. 

Partnerships - With the development of new applications, management has identified some first line business
partners in the content and content distribution space that will enhance and excel our optical transmission
technology over multiple channels and increase acceptance. 
Management is also in final negotiations to partner
with some former professional Sport Celebrities to be the faces of the
company and bring awareness to our growing brand and technology. 

Daniel Serruya CEO, commented, "I would like to sincerely thank our long-term Shareholders for their
patience and continued belief in the company during this extended period of silence. There have been and will
continue to be, many corporate and re-structuring initiatives taking place
behind the scenes. 
These initiatives will be communicated over the next several weeks.


2019 College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson vs Alabama - ESPN

2019 Orange Bowl - Alabama vs Oklahoma (College Football Playoff Game) - ESPN, 2019 Cotton Bowl -
Clemson vs Notre Dame (College Football Playoff Game) - ESPN, 2019 Sugar Bowl - Texas vs Georgia - ESPN

2019 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic - NBC Sports

2019 College Football Regular Season - ESPN

2018 NFL Thursday Night Football - Fox Sports

2018 Frozen Four - ESPN

2018 Regular Season NHL Game - Rogers Media Sportsnet Canada

2017 Frozen Four - ESPN

2018 IIHF Worlds (May 2018) - NHL Network

2018 Regular Season NHL Game - Rogers Media Sportsnet Canada

2017 Frozen Four - ESPN

2017 NHL All Star Game - NBC Sports

2017 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic - NBC Sports

Image result for isee refcam
 Image result for isee refcam
Image result for isee refcam


ESPN (originally an initialism for Entertainment and Sports
Programming Network
) is a U.S.-based sports television channel owned by ESPN
, a joint venture owned by The Walt Disney Company (80%) and Hearst Communications (20%).
The company was founded in 1979 by 
Bill Rasmussen along with his son Scott Rasmussen and Ed Egan. is owned by Rogers Media, a New York Stock Exchange Company.
  Starting last season the company signed a 12 year $5.2 Billion deal with the NHL
for the rights to carry all the national games.  Cameras have been purchased and are
already being used for broadcasting with this unique and one of a kind technology.

Pioneers of innovative technologies often end up being savaged by new competitors.
For example,Apple didn’t invent the smartphone but it knocked out early leaders such as Blackberry

The GoPro was an idea to tether a camera to the wrists of athletes. 
It is now a $2.1 Billion company and the founder just made Forbes Billionaires lists.

The GoPro IPO’d back in June of 2014 at a share price of $24.  There was such a frenzy that the
company raised over $425 Million initially and the stock ran to $92.00 a share in just 3 months.


 BRKK already has their foot in the door with the NHL through their
affiliation with Rogers Media (NYSE: RCI), a 19.7Billion Company.

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