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Doesn't matter, uncontrolled dumping never allows the stock DirectView Holdings Inc. (DIRV) 10/16/2019 08:15:30 AM
Read their filings when it's released. That will DirectView Holdings Inc. (DIRV) 10/16/2019 08:09:05 AM
Becareful, the paid touts are back. Look for DirectView Holdings Inc. (DIRV) 10/15/2019 07:37:31 PM
Level 2 thinning here Premier Products Group Inc. (PMPG) 10/02/2019 10:34:14 AM
Man, I wonder what happened but I too Premier Products Group Inc. (PMPG) 10/02/2019 10:29:35 AM
WABR buying everything on PRED $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 08/16/2019 10:12:23 AM
PRED 2.33 moving on this... $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 08/16/2019 09:42:54 AM
WOW, are we getting close? Predictive Technology Group Inc. (PRED) 08/15/2019 08:28:31 PM
EMPR almost $2,000,000.00 in revenue for the quarter. $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 08/15/2019 07:49:10 AM
Just bought more. $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 07/29/2019 09:44:21 AM
I have a couple of milly too :-) Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 07/26/2019 11:27:58 AM
Picked up more PRED, I couldn't resist lol $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 07/24/2019 10:15:28 AM
https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=149930553 LMAO $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 07/15/2019 04:12:01 PM
Where did MM PUMA get all these shares. $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 07/15/2019 02:59:29 PM
MM PUMA selling relentlessly on PRED $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 07/15/2019 09:59:07 AM
Bigger issue I have is PRED probably needs Predictive Technology Group Inc. (PRED) 07/11/2019 11:10:52 AM
Hey Rig, a question about PRED... $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 07/11/2019 10:02:43 AM
I sure hope so lol $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/28/2019 03:23:59 PM
Big bids on PRED 10K shares, 11K shares $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/28/2019 03:08:54 PM
No change in O/S as of 06-26-19 Premier Products Group Inc. (PMPG) 06/28/2019 08:57:07 AM
PRED Moving 5.11 buying coming in $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/25/2019 10:20:02 AM
UGH! Run away from this as fast as DirectView Holdings Inc. (DIRV) 06/19/2019 08:00:39 AM
Here's what I know...another 48 million shares were DirectView Holdings Inc. (DIRV) 06/17/2019 06:56:23 AM
This has been a good ride so far. $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/11/2019 07:55:10 AM
66K bid at 5.04 damn $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/05/2019 10:01:01 AM
Looks like someone is sitting on the bid $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/05/2019 09:51:03 AM
Amazing and 150K traded already wow! Predictive Technology Group Inc. (PRED) 06/05/2019 09:41:49 AM
PRED 100K share in the first 5 minutes wow! $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/05/2019 09:35:18 AM
PRED gonna trade close to 5M dollars today $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/04/2019 03:34:27 PM
PRED you were right again!!! Lotto tonight, go $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/04/2019 03:32:16 PM
PRED looking to take a run at $5.00 $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/04/2019 03:29:45 PM
PRED $4.46 looking strong despite VERT'S stepping on $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/04/2019 11:18:26 AM
I am just learning about the management team $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/04/2019 10:21:41 AM
There was a 32,000 share trade at the $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 06/03/2019 05:08:06 PM
Frankly, I don't think they can pull off DirectView Holdings Inc. (DIRV) 05/30/2019 07:20:55 PM
UGH!!! I am sorry to say this is DirectView Holdings Inc. (DIRV) 05/30/2019 06:18:32 PM
Round 3 lol $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 05/28/2019 10:03:08 AM
Damn, I have been working all day. What $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 05/15/2019 03:43:00 PM
PRED trades like very few stocks I have seen $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 05/10/2019 09:56:32 AM
Here comes $4.00 :-) $Rig''s Platinum Penny Picks 05/10/2019 09:48:23 AM