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That is interesting, I heard several months ago SW Innovative Holdings Inc. (SWHI) 01/18/2020 04:20:23 PM
Every single share on this one matters. SW Innovative Holdings Inc. (SWHI) 01/18/2020 11:32:44 AM
Nice DD, this one should be stickied. SW Innovative Holdings Inc. (SWHI) 01/18/2020 11:31:05 AM
Awesome stock here. Ready for the next leg SW Innovative Holdings Inc. (SWHI) 01/18/2020 11:28:46 AM
I remember force protection, ran to over 30 SW Innovative Holdings Inc. (SWHI) 01/17/2020 03:37:40 PM
What? Is this shorted to death? According to XXSTREAM ENTERTAINMENT, INC (XMET) 01/17/2020 02:14:01 PM
After cheaper shares? I don't think you will SW Innovative Holdings Inc. (SWHI) 01/17/2020 01:15:37 PM
Yes, I think your right. He does a Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 01/15/2020 10:41:12 AM
Looks like Shane is too busy retweeting someone Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 01/14/2020 08:39:15 PM
Nice close. BZTG Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 01/06/2020 04:46:57 PM
Could be MMs trying to hold it back. Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 01/02/2020 06:37:18 PM
We will see what January brings us. Hope Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/30/2019 03:15:44 PM
Could be end of year tax write offs, Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/27/2019 05:18:24 PM
This is too bad, thanks Shayne. Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/19/2019 03:49:43 PM
I will get them cheaper....?? Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/11/2019 12:48:29 PM
Added already, funding up my account, I want Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/11/2019 12:06:03 PM
He is definitely not trying to pump anything, Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/10/2019 12:48:45 PM
162 board followers now. Keeps going up. Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/09/2019 12:10:01 PM
Nice. Still here and adding every payday up Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/09/2019 12:09:12 PM
Hoping for an early week publish of company Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/08/2019 11:48:46 AM
Thanks 1, it's coming... BZTG$$ Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/06/2019 11:19:03 AM
This is going to be bigger then what Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/04/2019 05:56:44 PM
Releasing product this month? That is SWEET!!! BZTG$$ Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/04/2019 12:01:17 PM
3 days website/ business launch. BZTG$$ Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/03/2019 11:28:08 AM
MMs want to shake some shares loose. No Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/02/2019 12:34:42 PM
Excellent share structure with NO dilution. BZTG Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 12/01/2019 10:40:08 PM
Fill up, it's really close. BZTG Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/29/2019 06:17:42 PM
Hey Bri, I also see an early Christmas Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/29/2019 05:14:28 PM
Oh yeah, share structure is amazing, no dilution Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/29/2019 05:08:02 PM
Next week will be great, even just in Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/29/2019 04:50:35 PM
Every single share matters here. $$BZTG$$ Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/25/2019 12:18:14 PM
Nice find strukture, I wasn't looking that far Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/25/2019 12:14:53 PM
I think your right! But could be more. Digital Brand Media and Marketing Group, Inc. (DBMM) 11/24/2019 03:01:20 PM
Walmart is having way to many transportation problems, Walmart Inc. (WMT) 11/24/2019 11:04:40 AM
Yep. Heating up! BZTG Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/21/2019 09:50:27 AM
This is ready to blow sky high! 100x Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/20/2019 05:06:41 PM
Nice!!!! This is going higher!!! BZTG Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/20/2019 11:46:03 AM
Lol Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/19/2019 02:19:37 PM
Wow, wow, wow, this is looking really Great. BZTG Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/19/2019 11:43:03 AM
Nice! I am grabbing some more tomorrow or Wednesday. Buzz Technologies (BZTG) 11/18/2019 04:04:08 PM