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Posts by griff100BoardDate/Time
Last week playing at my home course a Golf - Talk about your round... 06/11/2021 06:08:09 PM
I see, I misunderstood....and congrats on retirement! Stay BOUNCE (BOING) 06/02/2021 06:45:48 PM
Talk to Fidelity. I have all my 401k BOUNCE (BOING) 06/02/2021 03:46:10 PM
Take the tee time. BOUNCE (BOING) 04/29/2021 09:21:04 AM
True, I was thinking of the 1960's version BOUNCE (BOING) 04/14/2021 11:28:24 AM
John Hinkley was there too..... BOUNCE (BOING) 04/14/2021 11:24:12 AM
HAHA!...these younger guys here wouldn't even recognize that BOUNCE (BOING) 04/14/2021 11:23:28 AM
Gotta be pretty old to remember that song! BOUNCE (BOING) 04/14/2021 10:03:25 AM
I want it to do like FREQ in BOUNCE (BOING) 04/07/2021 11:21:57 AM
Thanks! lol..I have 5k from 1.28 average BOUNCE (BOING) 04/07/2021 11:20:07 AM
IDRA moving! BOUNCE (BOING) 04/07/2021 11:17:07 AM
Buy it at 13! lol BOUNCE (BOING) 04/07/2021 11:16:41 AM
it's going for 12 now.... BOUNCE (BOING) 04/07/2021 11:02:23 AM
no, but the technique is the same....they would BOUNCE (BOING) 04/07/2021 10:54:21 AM
FREQ at 11 sheeshe! BOUNCE (BOING) 04/07/2021 10:34:07 AM
Back at work we used to cal that BOUNCE (BOING) 04/07/2021 10:28:36 AM
JT, Rory, Speith, Sheffler, Reed....277 Golf's Major Championships (GMC) 04/05/2021 08:40:58 PM
Very nice! Is the market closed tomorrow BOUNCE (BOING) 04/01/2021 02:20:56 PM
I think earnings are coming up? I BOUNCE (BOING) 04/01/2021 01:04:58 PM
FREQ 9.50 and I sold yesterday at 8 BOUNCE (BOING) 03/31/2021 04:12:13 PM
I don't have his number, but I guess BOUNCE (BOING) 03/30/2021 02:13:10 PM
Thanks Flo...I've missed that! Tried to get in BOUNCE (BOING) 03/30/2021 01:52:44 PM
FREQ 8.50, lol....sold for a small loss at 8.06 BOUNCE (BOING) 03/30/2021 12:19:12 PM
I've set my limit sell at 8.60...gotta head BOUNCE (BOING) 03/29/2021 10:11:40 AM
mine is 8.30....I'll add at 8 if it BOUNCE (BOING) 03/29/2021 10:00:38 AM
yep, here's a dip to 8.18 if you BOUNCE (BOING) 03/29/2021 09:57:06 AM
all out FREQ 8.79 in ext hours....so it'll BOUNCE (BOING) 03/26/2021 04:58:09 PM
I added again at 8.25...looks like it closed BOUNCE (BOING) 03/26/2021 04:27:38 PM
I went to Florida early Feb...no problems. But BOUNCE (BOING) 03/26/2021 12:03:51 PM
Not just rain...thunderstorms, lol. I played twice this BOUNCE (BOING) 03/26/2021 11:53:12 AM
I had a limit order set...was supposed to BOUNCE (BOING) 03/26/2021 11:46:51 AM
just filled FREQ 8.55...hope I want them! BOUNCE (BOING) 03/26/2021 11:31:05 AM
I'm not unless it goes back down to BOUNCE (BOING) 03/26/2021 09:32:42 AM
mine was 9 but when I'm green I BOUNCE (BOING) 03/25/2021 03:35:33 PM
it might! You're welcome! BOUNCE (BOING) 03/25/2021 03:29:55 PM
Or maybe today! BOUNCE (BOING) 03/25/2021 03:27:35 PM
Probably go to 9.50 tomorrow. You can thank BOUNCE (BOING) 03/25/2021 03:03:29 PM
I might get some smaller amount if it BOUNCE (BOING) 03/25/2021 02:22:24 PM
I sold part at 8.58 and had the BOUNCE (BOING) 03/25/2021 01:50:51 PM
I'm afraid we're going to break under 8 instead. BOUNCE (BOING) 03/25/2021 10:03:05 AM

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