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RobotDroid  Investor in MJ stocks

Posts by RobotDroidBoardDate/Time
Yep, I have the usual suspects on iggy, Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/14/2021 10:57:50 AM
You got that right. CVM is a high Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/14/2021 10:50:29 AM
I know, not aimed at you sir. LC Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/14/2021 10:27:34 AM
Ok, way to start the week with the Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/14/2021 09:49:17 AM
My favorite iggy on all boards. Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/13/2021 09:59:22 AM
It's not the time for cold feet. It's Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/11/2021 03:20:09 PM
Gonna close green. Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/11/2021 01:45:23 PM
I am no spring chicken either, but this Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/11/2021 10:09:03 AM
Interesting...https://www.statnews.com/2021/06/10/third-member-of-fda-expert-com Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/11/2021 09:51:05 AM
And your still suffering the board fool I Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/10/2021 08:34:46 PM
Longer version...What Does "In Play" Mean? The term Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/10/2021 07:11:35 PM
According to the release, they had 6 million Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/09/2021 07:44:10 PM
All of these posting are washing out the Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/08/2021 10:03:29 PM
Do not follow the advice of fools. Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/08/2021 07:40:45 PM
Do not suffer fools. Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/08/2021 12:57:38 PM
He is, as usual. Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/07/2021 10:35:54 AM
AF called him with a cash offer. Now Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/06/2021 12:22:18 PM
;) Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/04/2021 11:37:10 AM
'OK, ...what?' War Machine after seeing Vision for Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/02/2021 03:01:10 PM
Exactly. He is wasting time and energy tweeting Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/01/2021 09:57:31 AM
Worthless repetitive posting by Gert is not helping, Cel-Sci (CVM) 06/01/2021 09:15:53 AM
Gert going back and forth on Twitter with Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/29/2021 03:20:52 PM
Dead link. Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/29/2021 11:39:39 AM
Pretty well written, covers a lot of bases. Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/28/2021 02:46:08 PM
He is just guessing. Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/28/2021 01:52:09 PM
Shorts last gasp? I sure hope so, and Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/28/2021 09:29:10 AM
Looks like someone picked up 200K plus shares Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/27/2021 04:01:03 PM
I have no idea where this will go Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/27/2021 02:29:21 PM
Is the cat out of the bag? Why Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/27/2021 10:03:17 AM
Redditt also. Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/27/2021 10:01:38 AM
Yeah I was just thinking out loud... ;) Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/26/2021 03:01:31 PM
So, is June the consensus for news? Gert Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/26/2021 01:13:47 PM
Yeah but drop the damn news. His tweets Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/25/2021 05:01:03 PM
Never ever thought after 20 years on this Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/25/2021 09:52:18 AM
So weary of the wait, the manipulation, and Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/25/2021 09:33:00 AM
The only thing we know for sure, is Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/24/2021 03:16:44 PM
Part of the confusion is saying that a Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/19/2021 10:10:52 AM
Kinda, they missed saying anything of significance, and Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/19/2021 09:30:23 AM
NWBO blew it again, what a mess. Bloodbath NorthWest Biotherapeutics Inc. (NWBO) 05/19/2021 09:10:23 AM
NWBO making all the wrong moves and ticking Cel-Sci (CVM) 05/19/2021 09:07:15 AM

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